Your Facebook phone number is often linked to your Facebook account; it is the alternative for your e-mail address. You get notifications with your phone number, or you can use it to reset your password. Therefore this phone number is very important for you to keep track of your Facebook account. We can’t say it doesn’t hurt even a little bit when we lose our Facebook account.

Your Facebook number can act as a direct link to your Facebook and can help in recovering your account. And you certainly don’t want to lose it, and you are probably wondering what happens when you lose that number. You need not worry because we can help answer questions going on in your mind about this issue. You might decide to change your Facebook number to redirect which number your notification goes to. Changing your number may either mean adding a new or totally switching the older with another one.

Losing your main Facebook number may necessitate your change of phone number. You may have a new line and want to connect it to your Facebook. You can simply do so by changing your number.  Your Facebook helps you get text message updates, can help you in password recovery, can help to secure account login and can be useful for receiving activity notifications.

How to Change Facebook Phone Number

  • Log in your Facebook account
  • Locate a downward arrow, click on the icon
  • Click the SETTINGS link
  • Click ADD ANOTHER NUMBER to change the number
  • Enter your new your new number and click the CONTINUE icon.
Facebook Phone Number

Alternatively, you can change your number by

  • Visiting your timeline
  • Navigate to About > contact and basic info
  • Then, scroll to phone number
  • Click EDIT option
  • After that, you can add another phone number.

Changing Facebook Number for Privacy Reasons

You can also change your Facebook phone number when you wish to keep your number private to friends and close acquaintance. Public display of Facebook number may seem cool; however, when you keep getting unwanted calls from Facebook friends, you might want to keep it private. You can prevent people from looking up your phone number on Facebook. You can decide to keep it private by following these steps:

  • Log in your Facebook account
  • Navigate to privacy settings
  • On the privacy settings page, you will see “HOW YOU CONNECT” settings, click on it,
  • A drop-down menu will open, click FRIENDS next to WHO CAN LOOK YOU UP USING EMAIL ADDRESS OR PHONE NUMBER
  • Then finally, click the DONE button to save changes.

Easily done! You can enjoy the benefits of having your phone number connected to your Facebook and change it when you wish to with no stress.