How to Create a Custom Facebook URL | Facebook URL| Change Facebook URL

What Is My Facebook URL?

How to Create a Custom Facebook URL – Your Facebook URL is the link to your Facebook page; it contains the web address to your Facebook page. This URL is also known as vanity URL; it is the customizable part of your web address.

Your Facebook URL is peculiar to you; it is the best way for people to connect to your profile quickly, instead of sorting through search results to find your profile. The URL can narrow it down to your Facebook profile.

So to eliminate the problem of people finding it difficult to access your profile on Facebook, you can add an easy-to-remember username that people can click to find your page.

Creating a custom Facebook URL helps your social account reach their full potential, you can customize Facebook URL to project your own URL for your Facebook account or Facebook business page.

Facebook URL can be long and difficult to memorize, so if you need something more personal, then you can customize your Facebook URL.

Customizing your Facebook URL is essential especially if you have a business page to make it easier for customers to visit your page by clicking your Facebook custom URL.

So, you can create a username for your custom Facebook URL to make it easy for you and your potential customers to remember.

How to Create a Custom Facebook URL

How to Find Facebook URL

  • Open your Facebook page, click the arrow facing downwards at the top right corner of the page. Then click SETTINGS to go to the SETTINGS page.
  • Under the GENERAL SETTINGS, you will see the USERNAME option. Click EDIT to customize your username. There will be something in the box, so you can easily edit it to what you want.
  • However, you have to follow Facebook instructions for customizing your Facebook URL.  The username has to match your actual name if it does not, Facebook reserves the right to remove it. So you have to look for something unique that matches your name. Facebook only accepts usernames that include numbers and letters, so whatever you create must include numbers & letters.
  • After creating your username, click the blue SAVE CHANGES option, then enter your password and click SUBMIT to conclude the process.
  • Now people can visit your Facebook page using the username you created. People can now easily connect to Facebook using your Facebook username.

How to Create a Custom Facebook URL

To change your username on your Messenger app, follow these steps:

The Facebook app does not offer an option for changing your Facebook username, but you can make the change through your Facebook messenger.

  • Open the messenger app
  • Click the Black Chat Bubble Icon at the bottom left corner of the page.
  • Tap your profile icon; this will display your Facebook profile picture.
  • Then click On USERNAME and tap EDIT username.
  • Type in your new username and click SAVE. Doing this will make your Facebook URL to display your new username as part of your Facebook URL.


Now you are done with customizing your Facebook URL; people can now easily get to your Facebook page through your new Facebook username or URL.