Create New AD Account Facebook- Facebook advertising is an integral part of any successful Facebook business; it allows your business to reach a wider audience and its target audience.

Your Facebook business page is the best way for you to project your brand or business on Facebook; however, if you intend to reach your target audience and boost sales, you need to advertise your business using Facebook ads.

Furthermore, to market your business on Facebook, Facebook advertising is one aspect you should invest your time and effort.

So, you need to Create New AD Account Facebook to enable you to create ads and monitor their performance.

To start advertising on Facebook, you need to set up the Facebook ad manager, and we will show you how to do it in this article.

How to Create New AD Account Facebook

How to Create New AD Account Facebook

You can set up an ad manager to start advertising by following these steps:

  • The first step to advertising is setting up a business manager account. You can set up the account by visiting the Facebook business webpage. Then you will need to click CREATE ACCOUNT, and select the Facebook business page for the account, then provide your name and work email address.
  • Once your business manager account is set up, you can now set up your ad manager account from there.
  • To set up ad manager open Business Manager Settings
  • Tap AD ACCOUNTS under People and Assets.
  • Then select Create New AD Account Facebook and click CREATE NEW AD ACCOUNT.
  • And then finally, set up your Facebook payment methods and billing information. And the ad manager is ready for use.

How to Create Ads on Facebook Business Manager

After setting up your ad manager account, creating Facebook ads is now possible. Facebook ad manager is the home-base for Facebook ads that allows you to set up ad campaigns. This also includes; ad sets, and ads, target specific audience, Monitor your ad campaign performance, and generally have to control over every aspect Facebook ad creation.

  • Your ad manager can be easily accessed through the Facebook business manager account; just click the drop-down arrow in the top-right corner of your Facebook page, then select ADS MANAGER.
  • Once you are on Facebook ad manager (it looks like a dashboard), click the green CREATE ACCOUNT button.
  • Select a campaign objective from the three options: Awareness campaign, Consideration campaign and Conversions Campaign.
  • Select your target audience; you can narrow down your target audience based on location, Language, Behaviors, Education, Age, Net worth, and interest.  
  • Set your budget; just select how much you are willing to spend on each Facebook ad.
  • Then choose where to place your ad, you can either choose Instagram, Facebook audience network, Desktop/ mobile news feeds, and Right-hand side column.
  • Create your ad by choosing the format you want your ad to be displayed: Slideshow, single video, carousel, or single image or collections.
  • Then click PLACE ORDER and wait for Facebook’s approval before your ad can go live.
  • You can monitor your ad performance through the Facebook ad manager and make changes you want from there.


Finally, once you Create New AD Account Facebook, you can start advertising your business and taking advantage of the large user base on the platform for marketing your business.

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