How to Disable McAfee Services | Stop McAfee Services Windows 10

How to Disable McAfee Services – McAfee offers a security software line that helps to protect your business computers from viruses, spam, and data loss. McAfee offers you just the right protection for sensitive data on your business computer.

However, McAfee consumes many of your computer’s resources, which may cause other programs on your computer to slow down or crash. Despite how useful McAfee is to your computer, you may need to shut it down sometimes.

You may also need to shut down McAfee to download or install updates for some programs. McAfee is a great software for scanning files to identify potential threats to your computer. It helps to block files that contain malicious codes, but sometimes it may also block legitimate files that it sees as threats to your computer’s security. So, if you want to disable this software, we would walk you through the steps.

How to Disable McAfee Services

How to Temporarily Disable McAfee on Windows 

  • Click the Windows logo on the bottom left corner of the screen to open “Start.”
  • Type “McAfee” into the Start to Find the McAfee program.
  • Then Click the “MacAfee Total protection” to Open McAfee.
  • Click the PC Security tab at the upper left corner of the McAfee Window.
  • Click the Real-time Scanning; this Tab is on the left side of the McAfee window.
  • Then click “Turn Off” at the upper-right corner of the real-time scanning page.
  • Select a time limit for real-time scanning to reactivate. Just select a specific time limit in the “When do you want to resume Real-time Scanning?”
  • Next, select “Never” As the time limit if you want to disable McAfee until you manually turn it on.
  • Then click “Turn Off” to exit the Real-Time Scanning Window.
  • Click the “Firewall Tab,” which is below the Real-Time Scanning Tab On the window’s left side.
  • Click “Turn Off”
  • Then select a time limit and click “Turn Off.”
  • Exit the Firewall window by clicking the X option in the top right corner of the Firewall window.  
  • Click “Automatic Updates” And Then Click “Turn Off.” Then exit the Automatic Updates.
  • Then Click On “Scheduled scans” and click “Turn Off.” Then All McAfee services have been disabled.  
  • If all these steps are not effective, then you can remove McAfee from your computer by uninstalling it.

How to Disable McAfee on MAC 

To disable McAfee on Mac, just follow these steps:

  • Click the McAfee icon on your computer.
  • Then Click “Total Protection Console…”
  • Click the Home Tab in the upper-left side of the window.  
  • You will find the “gear icon” in the top-left corner of the Home Tab; just click on it.  
  • Then Disable McAfee services starting with Real-Time Scanning. You will need to click the lock icon, enter the administrator password, and click the real-time scanning switch to disable it.  
  • Then you can proceed to “Firewall,” “Automatic Updates,” and “Scheduled scans” and Disable all of them.  
  • Also, unlock the Full and Custom Settings Page. And click the weekly drop-down box and select “Never.”  
  • Then you should Disable the SiteAdvisor and close the Settings Windows.


McAfee program should be disabled on your PC both Windows & Mac once you complete these steps. However, if this isn’t the case, then you can remove McAfee from your computer by uninstalling it.

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