How to Download Skype on iPad From the App Store

Keeping in touch with family, friends and probably business associates is very important in this present age. Skype is a platform that enables users to make video and voice calls with one another.

Also, it provides an opportunity for users to keep in touch with others in a faster, better and easier way. For starters, all you need to have is an internet connected device and a good microphone set to enjoy its services.

Skype provides a wonderful experience when it comes to video calling friends and making voice calls. This article will show you How to Download Skype on iPad from the Apple app store.

You can see your friends and be part of their life through video calls; you can meet business associates online and finalize your deals on a video call. And you can also keep in touch with your family whenever you want.

Millions of individuals use free Skype services all over the world because of the wonderful experience it gives. It enables users to make free video calls and voice calls, send instant messages and share files with other people on Skype.

How to Download Skype on iPad
  • Skype has features that enable you navigate to your contact and pick which contact you wish to call.
  • By tapping the call button the screen automatically goes to a softphone which then allows you to make the call. Tap on the call button, and your call will begin.
  • Skype credit allows users to make free calls. You can easily call such users by entering them as your contacts.
  • To add new contacts simply enter their names manually or search them on the app and inserting them to your contact list. Calling them can be quite easily done by simply tapping on your contacts. If your contacts have skype account, their contact can be easily imported to your account.

How to Download Skype for iPad on App Store

It is quite easy to set up Skype on your iPad; we will walk you through the process of how to Download Skype on iPad and set it up:

  • To install Skype on your phone iPad, you have to make sure your phone has integrated speaker and microphone. Also, you have to make sure there is good internet connectivity through your iPad. To download Skype:
  • You have to first set up a Skype account, or you can use the previous Skype account you have been using on other phones.
  • Visit the app store site or go to the app store application on IPAD
  • Tap on the search toolbar and type SKYPE
  • Once it pops up, Tap on it
  • Click the FREE icon button
  • Click on the INSTALL APP once the text changed to green
  • Then enter your iTunes credentials
  • Once you do so, the app will download and install on your mobile device.

Now you can enjoy free video and voice calls. A whole new world where you can stay in touch with family and friends no matter where you are.

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