Facebook Internship: How to Get Facebook Internship

Getting an internship at Facebook can best be described as pretty cool. There are simply no other words to describe landing one of the best or the best internship opportunity in the world. A Facebook internship can be the launch of a great career in tech as Facebook has a reputation for having one of the best and most interactive opportunities for students. Not only do you get to actually do work that is relevant to your career, you also skip doing the unnecessary grunt work. Allowing interns maximize their time and energy. Facebook interns are also really well paid with an income of 8000 dollars a month and 96,000 dollars per annum making it a really well-paying job.

It comes as no surprise then that the Facebook internship is a highly competitive opportunity, with millions of youths all around the world looking for any avenue to slip into the famed walls of Facebook Inc. Facebook prides itself as one of the best internships and most interns report that the internship boosts confidence and creates a strong foundation for a great career in tech.

Facebook Internship

The Facebook internship program can be gotten via various methods. Some people apply for the internship and are called for interviews, while some are recommended by professors and mentors. Others still get interview opportunities based on work done which they have posted online. No matter how you get in the door, relevant managers in proposed departments always interview prospective interns to determine if they fit in with companies ideals. Facebook hires an average of 1000 interns yearly with an option of being retained. At the end of the internship year, reports and evaluations are done by managers and the most valuable and hardworking interns are picked to be full staff.

While there is no strict formula to get into Facebook there are still some things you can do that would definitely give you a leg up.

How to Boost Your Chances of Getting Facebook Internship


Career fairs might seem to be a bit unnecessary but they are an opportunity that should never be overlooked. Sometimes, employers come in and attend these student fairs. A fair amount of people have gotten opportunities just from interacting with and networking with recruitment officers at career fairs. So a good place to start the hunt for a Facebook internship is the nearest career fair in your university.


Getting a fair bit of knowledge and experience would get you in faster into a Facebook internship than anything else. The key is to work, work and work and to gain knowledge. Having experience and knowledge sets you apart from your competitors and brings you closer to your ultimate goal. Involve yourself in projects either personally or as a team. Learn new things relevant to the position you aim to occupy and post your work online. You never know who is scrolling.


Take online tests and answer technical questions. This will help to fully prepare you to ace any test given as this also counts in your assessment.


An internship at Facebook is highly rewarding both financially and career-wise. Interns generally describe it as one of the best experiences of their life. A lot of responsibility is handed over to interns allowing them to gain a great deal of experience. Little wonder why it is ranked as one of the best offers available.

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