How to Go Live on Facebook – How to Live Stream Videos on Facebook

This article teaches you how to go live on Facebook and would be construed in two senses. The first being the part where you get to stream videos created by other users and the second being you streaming videos for the viewing pleasure of others.

So your favorite football club is playing one of the most anticipated matches of the season and you have been looking forward to watching the match. The day is here and after rushing back from work, you take a fast shower settling with a bottle of beer/fruit juice in front of the TV.

Drink in hand; your disappointment starts to pile as the station won’t tune in to the match or in another case, your club or your favorite political party is hosting a program or a debate and you have been anticipating the showdown so much, waiting to see it happen but alas! Your TV has chosen that day not to function properly!

Do you know that with your mobile phones, you can watch live videos from the comfort of your home? and also, do you know that your Facebook account serves more purpose than just checking out people’s profile and staying in touch with your loved ones?

Do you know that you can watch live videos on your Facebook account without hassles? All of these can be done and you won’t have to worry anytime your TV looks like it won’t come through!

Knowing that you can do all of these and more through your Facebook account, this aims to help you highlight the simple steps through how to go live on Facebook through your Facebook account; we do hope you enjoy the brief but informative ride!

how to go live on Facebook

How to go live on Facebook

  • Live feeds are everywhere on Facebook and you have to log in to be able to watch.
  • Please note that you can watch your live videos on any device;
  • When a friend goes live (posts a video) on Facebook, it appears on the far left corner. There will be a button that reads “live”, this is how you would know that the post is live;
  • You can then click on the post to enjoy the live stream of the video.

So on the other hand, in easy steps, we will highlight how to go live on Facebook;

  • After you must have logged in on your Facebook app, you will start by composing a status as you normally do;
  • For iOS users, there would be a list of options that would be displayed just below the text feed;
  • Click on live video then continue;
  • For Android users, click on go live then continue;
  • You may decide to title your live video and choose who sees the video. Facebook allows you to choose your viewers by allowing you to set your privacy level.

After your streaming has commenced successfully, your friends on Facebook would be alerted to your stream. On the top half of your screen, you would be able to see what your viewers are seeing.

The streaming feature Facebook possesses is a very useful tool. For business owners, it is a fantastic way of showing your products to thousands at a time. While for private individuals, it is a way to allow people share in your moments! So what are you waiting for? Follow these steps now on how to go live on Facebook and get streaming!

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