How to Improve Garmin Fenix 3 Battery Life | Garmin Fenix 3 Tips and Tricks

Improve Garmin Fenix 3 Battery Life – If you are a lover of fitness and smart watches, then you must have probably come across GARMIN FENIX 3. And one of the problems you must have encountered with using the device is a battery issue.

So, if you want to find out ways to improve your device’s battery life and get the most out of it, then you need to pay close attention to this article.

Before we go into ways of improving Garmin FENIX 3 battery life, let’s look at factors that can affect the battery life.

How long is Garmin FENIX 3 Battery Life Expected to Last and What Affects Battery Life?

Under normal operating conditions, the life of the batteries in Forerunner, Edge, and Vivo devices should still maintain 80% of charging capacity after a few years of constant charge/discharge cycles. GARMIN devices’ battery life may lose their charging capacity over time due to charge/discharge cycling.

Some factors affect the charging capacity of these devices. And they include exposure to extreme temperatures. These devices have recommended operating and charging temperature ranges. And it is important you check the manual to know what the temperature ranges are.

Another factor that affects charging capacity is leaving the battery charged or discharged for long periods of time. Before storing the device long-term, it is important you partially charge your device (approximately 30 to 50 %) then store it in a cool dry place.

You can also consult the owner’s manual to find out more information on how long it takes your GARMIN device to charge completely.

How to Improve Garmin Fenix 3 Battery Life

How to Improve GARMIN FENIX 3 Battery Life

To maximize the battery life of the GARMIN device, you can do the following:

  • Reduce the backlight time-out through the backlight Settings.
  • Reduce the backlight brightness.
  • Turn off Bluetooth wireless tech when you are not using the connected features.
  • To maximize the battery life you can use UltraTrac GPS mode for your activity.
  • Turn off Activity tracking to maximize battery life.
  • When you pause your activity for a longer period of time, use the Resume Later option.
  • Customize Your Watch face and use a Connect IQ watch face that does not need to update every second.
  • Manage Notifications by limiting the notifications the device displays.
  • You can also stop broadcasting heart rate data to GARMIN paired devices.
  • You can also turn off wrist-based heart rate monitoring. It is important to note that the wrist-based heart rate monitoring is used to calculate vigorous-intensity minutes and calories burned.
  • You can also turn off the Auto Upload setting to conserve the battery life if you are using the Garmin Connect Mobile app frequently.
  • The storm alert function of the Barometer is another feature that drains the battery. So, you can turn it off to save your battery.
  • If the battery continues to run down fast after you have made some settings changes. Then it would help if you tried returning the watch to factory defaults. And you can check how long Battery Life lasts without it paring to a smartphone. If the battery lasts as long as it used when you try this, then the battery drains due to some customized settings on the watch.
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