How to Install Instagram App for PC

Instagram is an important platform not just for posting for fun but also for business advertisement. This is why it is probably essential for people to have the app on their devices, especially online business owners. But the problem has been that Instagram app cannot be installed on PC. However, they are ways to go around it and install Instagram App for PC and we’ll show you.

Products are marketed online, boost businesses on this platform, and some people live off the money they make from this platform.

Posting videos and photos on PC probably makes it convenient for social media manager, and blog owners enjoy the benefits of this app. Yes! People do make cool cash from Instagram.

If you are a selfie enthusiast, you probably love taking lots of pictures and sharing to friends on your account. The popularity of this platform, the features, and benefits of the app has made everyone desire to be on the platform.

How to Install Instagram App for PC

How to Install Instagram App for PC

This photo-sharing app limits PC users from uploading photos and videos. However, they can log in to Instagram through their browser, view pictures and watch videos.

The app is not designed to install on the PC. However, there are loopholes through which you can install the app. We’ll work you through the installation process in this article;

  • To get the app, you have first to download an Android emulator software. You can choose to download BLUESTACK which is over 250MB and emulates Android.
  • To use this app for your download, click NEXT on the first agreement screen.
  • Choose where your program will be stored and click NEXT. You can choose a default option if you want.
  • In the next page leave the APP STORE ACCESS, and APPLICATION COMMUNICATION checked and click INSTALL.
  • Click on the ANDROID tab, then search Instagram and click on the INSTAGRAM icon.
  • Under one time, click CONTINUE
  • Click on EXISTING next to add a Google account and then sign in. You have to enter your Gmail account since the program is emulating android app from Google store.
  • The boxes for the next two options can be unchecked; you can then click the next arrow.
  • Click CONTINUE on the setup BlueStacks account.
  • You can use your Gmail address for your BlueStacks account and click OK
  • Click CONTINUE next to enable app sync
  • Then click on INSTALL and tap OPEN to use the app.
  • You can then log in your Instagram with your login details. You can now use Instagram on your PC.

How to Upload Pictures on Instagram for PC

  • To upload pictures on your PC, simply click the camera icon on your Instagram app.
  • At the top right corner of your app, click GALLERY and OTHERS.
  • Then click on PICK FROM WINDOWS
  • You can pick photos from your computer folder
  • Once you have chosen the images you want to post, you can add filters and effects
  • And tap SHARE

You can now enjoy the exciting world of Instagram, post photos and upload videos on your PC.

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