How to join a class in google classroom – Google Classroom is a free collaboration application meant for educators; as a teacher, this tool can be quite useful to you in the organization and school work management. As a teacher, you can create classes online, allow students to join, make announcements and give out assignments too.

Google classroom saves you time and paper; it helps you organize all your student’s documents and manage them easily from one place. You can post assignments, communicate with students, and send feedback to your students. Teachers and students enjoy the benefits that come with this platform; before you can enjoy these benefits, you need to sign up.

How Do You Sign Up On Google Classroom

You can sign into Google classroom through any of these account types:

School Account

An accredited school creates this account, and it is also known as a G-Suite for Education Account. Your school admin or teacher is likely to have your login details for your school account.

Personal Google Account

You can also set up a personal account for the classroom, and you can use it outside of the school’s setting. This kind of account can also be set up by a parent or guardian or by a student. Parents don’t have access to the classroom, but they can receive email summaries of their children’s performance.

Check out how to sign in to your Gmail account.

G Suite account

This is set up by an organization’s admin.

To sign in for a Google Classroom account, follow these steps:

  • Visit Google classroom webpage, then click GO TO CLASSROOM
  • Enter your Google account username
  • Enter your password, then click NEXT
  • Read the welcome message and click ACCEPT.
  • Notify if you are a Student or a Teacher if you are using a G-Suite for Education Account.
  • Then click GET STARTED.
  • Teachers can then create classes, and students can join classes.

What Should You Do When You Are Having Trouble Signing In

You can run into some kind of trouble when you are trying to sign in to Google Classroom, and we will tell you what to do when you see such errors.

  • When you see this error message, “Your administrator hasn’t activated the classroom,” this means that the administrator has not turned on your account. What you need to do is contact the IT administrator.
  • If you see this error message, “This service has been disabled,” this means classroom is not yet activated for your account. And what you need to do is contact the IT administrator to take care of the problem.
  • If you see this error message, “You can’t use Classroom for this account,” this means you have signed into the classroom with the wrong account, and you will need to sign out and sign in again.
  • If your classroom admin is not yet activated, this means your school does not have a G-suite for Education, and your school needs to sign up for G suite Education.
how to join a class in google classroom

Areas You Can Access When You Sign In

Teachers and Students can click the Menu icon to access other areas of the platform once they sign in.

  • Teachers can create classes, and students can join classes.
  • You can access your settings to change your profile photo and password.
  • Teachers can see the class calendars and track the progress of student’s work. And students can also check out the class calendar too.
  • Teachers can create classes and Add students; you can create different kinds of classes for each class you teach. Google gives you a class code that enables you to add students to your classroom.
  • You can view the students in your class by clicking the Students section. From this Student section, you can also determine if your students can comment on assignments, announcements, and other posts you make.
  • The Stream Section allows you to find the assignments, subjects, and questions you create.
  • Students can submit assignments to you, and you can open them and grade them from there. You can check out files submitted to through the class Google drive folder.
  • You can also share webpages with your classroom, videos, and other materials to aid the learning process.
  • Teachers can use the Question feature to attach specific questions to certain topics of discussion. You can add short or multiple questions for your student to answer. This helps to spark up conversations while learning.
  • Google also helps you tabulate the results of student’s performance as they answer questions; this tabulation is done in real-time. Google can also help you identify students who choose the right answers.
  • You can respond to students, send them private email messages, and even grade them right in the classroom.
  • You can make announcements using Google classroom to remind students about assignments and the due date for submitting them.
  • Google Classroom is a great way to communicate with your students, manage student’s documents and assignments, grade them, and give them feedback. It is an excellent way of promoting interactions and collaborations between teachers and students.

How to Create Google Classroom

Teachers can create classrooms where they can handle school work with ease online, invite students, and communicate with them. If you are part of those confused about how you can create a classroom, just pay attention to these steps.

To create a Google classroom, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Google classroom web page or open your Google classroom app.
  • Click the plus icon at the top of the Welcome screen and choose Create Class.
  • Type the name of the class and the section of the class on the Dialogue box.
  • Then click Create.
how to join a class in Google Classroom as a Student

To join Google classroom, you need to sign in using an internet-connected device and join created classes. Once you join a class, you can get info shared on the class and communicate with your teacher.

To join Google Classroom, you can either:

  • Join using the class code; your teacher gives out this code, then you can add yourself.

To join a class with a class code.

  • Simply go to classroom home page
  • Then click the Plus icon, then click Join Class.
  • Enter the code your teacher gave to you and click JOIN.


  • You can join the classroom by accepting your teacher’s invitation. Just go to Classroom homepage.
  • Then click JOIN on the class card on the homepage.

Google Classroom makes classroom work easier for teachers and creates an even better platform for interaction and communication between teachers and students. So, learn how to join a class in google classroom now to enjoy all the features.

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