How to Make Custom Cover Page in MS Word | How to Make A Title Page for A Project

How to Make Custom Cover Page in MS Word – A cover page is an important aspect of every document; it gives the reader an idea of what the document is all about.

Therefore, creating an attractive cover page is very important for every research work or school essay. An attractive cover page holds the reader’s interest and prompts them to want to know the content of the document.

Now, the MS Word editing tool has a built-in feature that enables users to design their own cover page or use the already supplied one. You can either choose to use the already available cover page or decide to create your own cover page. Let’s find out how:

How to Make A Title Page for A Project

How to Make A Cover Page for A Project Using the Cover Template Available In Word:

Word offers users different types of cover page templates, depending on what you need it for. So, you have to select the appropriate cover page for either school work, reports, or others.

If you decide to use the cover page template available, you have to follow these steps:

  • Click On “Insert Tab” at the interface on Word, then select the “Cover page.” Then you can choose the book cover you want from the list of covers that appear.
  • Next, you have to work on the appearance of the cover page. Here, you select the title of the content of the cover page. Word also allows users to choose the cover page’s location, so it mustn’t necessarily be at the top of the page (which is the default).
  • Enter the mouse on the location you want the cover page to be. Then click “Cover page,” then right-Click on the cover page you want to select. And click “Insert at Current Document Position.”

If you don’t want to use the current cover page, you can simply click “Insert” to Select a Cover page and select “Remove current cover page.”

How to Make Custom Cover Page in MS Word

How to Make Custom Cover Page in MS Word:

You can customize your own cover page if you are not satisfied with the ones supplied in Word. All you have to do is follow these steps:

  • Click On the “Insert Tabs,” then Click On “Quick Parts” and Select “Document Property.”
  • You will be shown a list of titles so you can easily choose the design and content you want for your cover page.  
  • You can also add content headers to the newly designed cover page. And you can Format other areas of the cover page’s content such as font, font size, font color, or style for the text.  
  • After formatting the necessary content, you can then save the cover page for future use by blacking out the entire page. Then click “Insert” > “Cover page” > “Save selection”
  • Create New Building Block” dialog appears. Just enter the cover page’s name in the “Name” field and click “OK” to save the cover page design.
  • Scroll down to the “General Section” on the Cover page section to gain access to the cover page you have created.

Creating your own cover page in MS Word shouldn’t be difficult once you follow these steps.

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