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Facebook Messenger Ludo Game – Facebook Messenger is no longer just an app for communicating with friends; Facebook has incorporated the Instant Games feature on messenger, making it an awesome place to visit and play games. You can play varieties of games on messenger alone or with your friends, but some games are best enjoyed with friends.

Ludo game is one of such games that you can play with friends to spend fun time with them and find out who’s the Boss in the game. Facebook messenger ludo game is a multi-player game that involves four players; each player has to try to defeat others and emerge the winner.

You have to roll your dice to get your winnings and protect your pawns from different hurdles on the way till it gets home. Ludo game is a strategy board game that involves racing your pawns from start to finish. You do this using a roll of single dice with six faces.

Each player has a specific color on the board assigned to them. The pawns are also in the same color. The colors are of different types, red, yellow, green, and blue. You need to play using your own colors from start to finish.

Dicing rolling and get a six and other numbers are very important if you need to emerge a winner in the game.

Facebook Messenger Ludo Game

How Do You Challenge Friends to Play Ludo Game

Ludo game is not a game you play alone; it is a multiplayer game which means you need your friends to join you in the game. Ludo game is considered a social game and provides avenues for friends and family members to spend time right on messenger.

No matter the distance of your friend, you can play games on Messenger, using video calls and voice calls to make it even more interesting.

You play this game and share scores to find out who is better at the game.

  • To start playing this game, you need first to update your messenger app. This will enable you to access the Games section on the app.
  • You can find the updated version of the messenger app on the Google play store or App store. If you don’t find the games section on your updated Messenger app, this means it is not yet available in your country. 
  • However, if you access messenger through a browser, you don’t have to update anything. The option to play the game is right there.
  • You can challenge your friend to play ludo game with you. Simply start a conversation with your friend by tapping the name of your friend or pressing the plus icon.
  • Tapping this icon gives you access to more options, click the GAMES CONTROLLER icon in the conversation window.
  • Then select ludo game from the list of games and click PLAY.
  • You can also create group chats on messenger which are basically for playing ludo game amongst friends right on messenger.
  • You will be able to see live scores and a leader board within the chat.
  • If you want a rematch, just simply select the game again and click PLAY NOW to start the game again.

Facebook ludo game is another awesome way to spend fun time with friends online, no matter your friend’s location you can have much fun together.

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