How to Play Grand Theft Auto V on Facebook Games

Grand Theft Auto V on Facebook Games – The fact that Facebook games make Facebook an even more awesome platform to patronize is no longer news but if you have not heard about it, it’s probably a good thing we are here to tell you about it.

Well, Facebook has a section on the platform dedicated to game lovers with varieties of popular games and new games that can keep them occupied on the platform. Now, if you are a game lover, the Facebook app centre is probably a place you should visit, you can play lots of games from action games to word games and the fun part is that you can invite friends or family members to play the game with you.

So, if you are tired of scrolling through news feeds on the platform, you can navigate to the app centre and play any game of your choice.

You may have heard friends talk about awesome games they have played on Facebook, like sea of thieves , candy crush, angry birds, football games and more, and you are probably wondering how true this is.

This is 100% true, Facebook has varieties of popular games right on the platform that you can play with friends and find it hard to leave Facebook even for a second.

However, you need strong data connection or WiFi to enable you enjoy smooth running of this game on Facebook, it’s definitely no fun when you are enjoying the game and it stops abruptly due to poor internet connection.

If you have strong internet connection you are sure of enjoying this game and you would probably find yourself visiting Facebook app centre often to play more and more awesome games.

How to Play Grand Theft Auto V on Facebook Games

Grand Theft Auto V on Facebook Games

Grand theft auto v is a popular game on Facebook with millions of game lovers playing this game on the platform and lots of fan pages, community sharing important information about the game and you can find others who love the game the way you do in these groups.

You can get latest updates on the games from its community on Facebook and also get to meet people who know the tricks of the games. Grand theft auto v is an action-adventure online video game for 16 players who keep trying so hard to become the champions of the game.

You use characters in the games who are mostly hardened criminals to experience the world of actions, guns, crimes, gangsters in a whole new world while trying to defeat other gangsters and survive in the game as well.

When you finally start playing this game you will find it quite hard to stop playing, it’s adventurous and wide range of characters you get to see makes it quite hard to do so. You can become part of the criminal underworld virtually and try as much as possible to pull through the ruthless society where you can trust nobody. It has intense violence, blood, strong sexual content, use of drugs, use of alcohol and more meant for the adult mind.

As a player you get to enjoy use of sophisticated weapons, vehicles, a virtual world of crimes and scenes depicting an actual world where only criminals can survive.

HOW TO ACCESS Grand Theft Auto V on Facebook Games

And this game is right on your Facebook app centre and you can play it by:

  • Logging into your Facebook account
  • Click the menu icon at the top right of your Facebook app
  • Then tap GAMING in the menu page, you will be redirected to the app centre
  • Click on GAMES on the app centre, then you will be shown list of popular games
  • You can then click on GAMES THEFT AUTO V, then click the PLAY button to start enjoying the game.


Finally, you can also find out which of your friends are playing the game and also invite your friends to play the game with you or challenge friends or family members to play the game with you on Facebook.

It’s so much fun playing the games on Facebook especially when you get to play the games with your friends and have so much fun together.

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