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How to Play Words with Friends on Messenger – It’s no longer news that Facebook is not just a place for posting videos, photos or chatting friends or promoting your business, you can also have other types of fun while on the platform like games and dating.

Facebook games are available for users who love playing games with friends’ right on the platform; there are varieties of games on the platform you just have to choose which appeals to you.

By simply logging into your account, and accessing the list of games you have added to your game list, you can enjoy playing games on Facebook. The awesome thing is that you can find fan pages and groups for the game right on the platform which give you updates about the games and help you connect with people who know the tricks of the games.

It’s awesome meeting people who just love playing same games like you and would probably help you play the game better Facebook gives you just that and more.

How to Play Words with Friends on Messenger

Words with Friends on Facebook

Facebook is a platform for interacting with friends and having fun with them as well; the games create betters for friends to have even more fun. Words with friends is yet another Facebook game that gives people opportunity to have a whole lot of fun with their friends on the platform, so you and your friends are probably missing out if you are not playing this game.

Words with friends is a multiplayer game, so you know you can’t play all alone, you need your friends to help you enjoy the game and understand its tricks. What better place to easily connect with friends than Facebook, since the game is made readily available on the platform, you can all play it together right on the platform.

Words with friends is an online app that is quite similar to scrabble; it’s a brain game that needs fast thinking to form right words to progress in the game; so you definitely need friends to form new words together and keep the game going.

With your friends right on the platform playing the game with you, you are likely to pick up words quickly and not get stuck trying to form new words. You can make it even more interesting by forming teams and challenging your friends and family to play with you to know who wins.

Play Words with Friends

You can decide to play games with your friends on Facebook. However, you both would have to log into your Facebook account to enjoy the game on the platform.

You can also choose to download the app right from Facebook and get it installed on your phone where you can play with whomever you want whether offline or online; you don’t necessarily need to log in your Facebook account.

But if you wish to play the game right on Facebook you need to follow these steps:

  • Log into your Facebook account
  • Then go to the App center through your Facebook menu or simply search FACEBOOK GAMES on the search bar on your Facebook page
  • Then search for WORDS WITH FRIENDS on the search bar on the App center, then you can click on the PLAY icon to start playing the game once you see it
  • Once you start the game, you will need to choose an opponent, or you can play solo. But playing solo is not as much fun as playing with your friends so you can choose your Facebook friend to play with or challenge your friends and family to play as your opponents in the game. You can form teams and find out who wins. To keep on enjoying this game with your friends you need a WIFI connection or strong data connection to enjoy the game with your friends.

When you also download and install this app on your phone, there is a link that allows you to connect with your friends on Facebook and play the game with them.

How to Play Words with Friends on Messenger

The game is also available on Facebook messenger, and you just log into your messenger app to enjoy playing the game with your friends.

If you wish to play game on Facebook messenger with your friends, you can simply:

  • Start a conversation with your friends
  • Click the plus sign next to the text box
  • The go to the GAMES option and choose a word with friends.

So you can just have a great time on messenger without chatting and probably running out of what to say to your friends with this game.

There’s absolutely no boring moment with your friends on Facebook with this game right there to keep you entertained.

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