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How to Remove Gmail Labels – Most times, a lot of people have some old labels with absolutely no documents in them that tend to still appear on the left side of the Gmail screen leaving them confused. Why? Well not everyone knows how to successfully get rid of Labels from their Gmail account. Well, we’ve got you covered on that alright. This article is a guide that will help you through the process of deleting labels in Gmail.

What is Gmail Label?

Some people sure do want to learn How to Remove Gmail Labels knowing completely well what Gmail label is and how it works but others have little or no idea of what it is so for their sake. We’re going to give a summary of what Gmail Labels are and how it works.

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Gmail Labels could also be referred to as Gmail’s own secret weapon that allows its users to have an organized inbox. It gives them a chance to use more than a label to one single message, unlike folders. The fact remains that Gmail Label is helpful but can be unnecessary in some cases. This is when such a scenario pop-up, Gmail Label needs to be deleted. The good thing is that you’ve stumbled right on one of the best possible ways to help out which is basically through this article.

How to Remove Gmail Labels

A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Remove a Label in Gmail

To get rid of the Gmail Labels since you don’t need them anymore, you’ll simply have to pick which of the methods you wish to follow and get rid of that Gmail Label for good.

The first method is removing Gmail Label on your Gmail page

  • Go to your Label Menu
  • Select the particular label you wish to delete
  • Click on the down arrow which will give you access to the drop-down menu
  • There’ll be a Remove Label option in the menu list
  • Click on the Remove Label
  • Once that’s done, confirm if that particular Gmail Label is still displayed or not. If it’s not then you’ve gotten rid of the Gmail Label.

Once you’ve followed that, you’ve not only gotten rid of the Gmail Label but also, you’ve removed the label from all messages associated with it.

The second method is removing Gmail Label via your Gmail Settings.

  • Log into your Gmail account
  • There’s a gear button at the top right of your Gmail page, click on it.
  • Tap on the Settings option
  • Next up, tap the Labels icon
  • Scroll through and choose the label with which you would like to delete
  • Once you’ve selected the label you want to get rid of, click the Remove option and delete it for good.

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With prompt followed accordingly, you’ve successfully deleted the Gmail Label of your choice all by yourself, great job there.

How to Create Gmail Labels

 To create new Gmail Labels, all you’ll need to do is:

  • Access your Gmail account by logging in
  • Click the More icon which can be found on the sidebar, the left side of your screen
  • Next up you’ll see a Create New Label option, click on it
  • Type in the name of the new label you’re creating
  • Click the Create button and proceed.

Congratulation on the successful creation of Gmail Labels once the prompt’s been followed orderly.

Turns out we don’t always need to run to a cyber cafe whenever we want to make a few changes to our accounts. Following the step-by-step guides above was sure helpful, wasn’t it? Do well to make the changes you wish to make with your guides right beside you and successfully finalize what you started. Enjoy getting rid of and creating a brand new Gmail Label.

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