How to Restart Chromebook When Frozen | How do you Power Wash a Chromebook?

How to Restart Chromebook When Frozen – Restarting your Chromebook is an important option for updating software and solving some problems on your device. Generally, you can allow your Chromebook to keep running or let it sleep, but sometimes restarting it is very necessary.

Typically, Chromebooks PCs have no Reset or Restart buttons like those you find on traditional PCs. The Shutdown option enables you to restart your Chromebook and power it back. The shutdown option helps you to log out safely from Google accounts and save your works.

However, the older reset options will cut power from the device and make you lose your work. Now, let’s show you ways to restart your Chromebook:

How do you Restart a Frozen Chromebook?

If your Chromebook is encountering problems such as having difficulty connecting to wi-fi then you need to follow these steps to restart it:

  • Locate the Power Key On Your Device. The power key can be found at the top right corner of the keyboard. However, the key can be found in other locations on some devices.
  • Press And Hold the power key until your Chromebook turns off.  If your Chromebook is running properly, you should see the Power option, and you can press that button to turn it off.  
  • Then press the Power key again to reboot your Chromebook.
How to Restart to Update Chromebook

How to Restart to Update Chromebook

You will also need to restart the Chromebook for software updates. Just follow these steps to ensure the software is installed correctly:

  • Click on the notification panel/ quick settings menu at the bottom right corner of your screen.
  • When an update is available and already downloaded, you will see a button that says RESTART TO UPDATE. Just press the button.
  • Then you have to wait for your Chromebook to shut down and power again.
How to Restart Chromebook When Frozen

How to Hard Reset Chromebook

If your Chromebook is having more severe issues, then you should try performing a hard reset to tackle the problem.

Notably, performing a hard reset on your Chromebook may lead to loss of files in your Chromebook’s download folder. And you may not recover these files, so it is crucial you have a   backup for these files before performing a hard reset.

Now, let’s see how hard reset can be done on your Chromebook:

  • Press and hold the power button till your Chromebook shuts down.
  • Then Find the REFRESH Key On your keyboard. This key looks like a circular arrow, and you would find it on the top row of your keyboard, next to the back and forward arrow keys.
  • Then simultaneously press and hold the REFRESH button and tap the POWER button. Release your gold on the Refresh button when your Chromebook restarts.
  • For Chromebook Tablets, Google recommends you press and hold the volume button and power buttons for 10 seconds.


Now, this should help to solve the issues you are facing on your Chromebook. If the problem persists, then you need to learn other ways to solve Chromebook issues or take it to an expert. Now that you know the steps for restarting Chromebook, it shouldn’t be a problem anymore.

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