How to run Ads on Instagram 2021 – Instagram Advertising for your business

How to run Ads on Instagram – Instagram Ads is definitely the star of social media advertising. It is an effective means of advertising not just on social media but globally because Instagram is linked to Facebook.

Facebook has the largest audience online among the social media networks thereby creating exposure for businesses to thrive. Instagram has seen entrepreneurs create startups and gaining new clients every day. Instagram has also created a transparent measurement system for the campaign or ad success.

This includes insights evaluating reach, ad recall, and awareness as opposed to just followers, comments, and likes. Daily, people are building brands and becoming business moguls simply by making use of Instagram ads.

How to run Ads on Instagram

Types of Instagram ads

There are three main types of Instagram ads to choose from. No matter the goal you have, Instagram advertising can give you the capacity to access a large audience.

This is done through generating website visits, increasing followers, and encouraging more brand awareness. You need to decide with your team if a video, a photo, a carousel or stories ad that will work best for your business.

  • The first type is photo ads: With the use of images, brands let the world know about their business and their products. By engaging customers and potential clients visually. This way, you can promote your business to a large population within your location or zone. And also, be sure to watch your campaigns yield results. Brands also have the liberty to choose their demographic and target market according to the specifications provided which will help them focus on the age group and demographic that they believe their product best appeals to.
  • The second is the video ads: With video ads, you are able to display a more realistic visual experience as well as sound to draw clients to your brand and make them patronize you. You can attract more audience with the first few seconds of your video. So with that, you can make them watch it to the end and become your loyal customers.
  • Then the third is carousel ads: Carousel ads are a collection of images. These set of pictures promote your brand and has a link also leading your website to learn more about the brand, its products, and services.
  • And finally Instagram stories: It was a sort of realistic form of advertising that practically makes you feel like you’re inside the ad and gives you a new perspective to the way we’ve experienced or seen advertising before and worked for a lot of brands including Air n B.

Why Use Instagram Advertising?

  • It is a proven advertising channel that has been tested and proven.
  • You can measure and monitor Instagram advertising
  • It is not too expensive and quite affordable.
  • You can measure your results and progress.

Now that you know, what you need to know about Instagram ads, chase your dreams and How to run Ads on Instagram

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