How to Screenshot on HP Laptop Windows 10 | How to Take a Screenshot on Laptop

How to Screenshot on HP Laptop Windows 10 – Screenshots or Screengrabs is a unique way of capturing images on your computer to view them later on your computer device. You may want to share some important web information with your colleagues; you can simply use screenshots to do this.

Or you may also come across funny memes online or other information, you can simply take screenshots of them to save a copy to your computer.

Screenshots also come in handy when you want to capture important family moments on Skype video calls and save them to your computer device.

People capture screenshots of their computer devices for lots of reasons. So, if you are using a Hp laptop and you want to find out ways to capture images on it, then you need to pay close attention to these guidelines.  

How to Screenshot on HP Laptop Windows 10

Since HP laptops and desktops run Windows or Chrome operating systems, this means you can take screenshots with just a click on your keyboard.

The Print Screen button (abbreviated as PrtScn or Prt SC) located at the top right of your keyboard enables you to capture your entire keyboard screen.

Just follow these steps to use this button to capture your laptop screen:

  • Press the Windows key and Print Screen key at the same time to capture your screen. You would notice that your screen will dim for a moment; this simply indicates that the Screenshot has been successfully taken.
  • Then Open an image editing program; you can try any of the following:  Photoshop, GIMP, Microsoft Paint, and PaintShop Pro.  
  • Open the new image and use the keyboard shortcut keys Ctrl + V to paste the image. Or you can right-Click and press Paste to save a copy of the image.
  • Then Save the File as JPG or PNG and store it in an easily accessible folder.

Alternative Ways to Screenshot on Laptop

You can take screenshots of a portion of your screen using the new default feature windows 10 laptop introduced in 2018.

With this feature, you can effectively take screenshots of portions of your screen without using any third-party apps.

Just follow these steps to do this:

  • Press the Windows key + Shift + S at the same time. This will make your screen fade to a white overlay, and your cursor will also change from pointed to a crosshair cursor.  
  • Just select the portion of your screen you want to capture. Then the snippet of it will disappear and save to your computer’s clipboard.  
  • Open any image editing program you want  
  • Then Open the new image and use the keyboard shortcut keys Ctrl + V to paste the Screenshot.
  • Then Save the new image as JPG or PNG file and place it in a file folder where you can easily access it.


In conclusion, you can also use the snipping tool, which is an integrated feature on Windows 7, 8, and 10 that enables you to take screenshots of any-size portions of your screen.

Or you can download the Snagit application on your computer to enable you to capture, resize, and edit screenshots on your computer.

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