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How to Sell Crafts on Pinterest | How to Link Your Store to Pinterest

How to Sell Crafts on Pinterest – Pinterest is a great place for a showcase of ideas, crafts, and art. Therefore it is considered quite important for people into craft making.

For some individuals, craft making is purely a hobby, but for some others, it is another avenue for making extra money.

If you are looking for a good platform to market your crafts online, then Pinterest is definitely the platform you need. Pinterest is a place people come to discover new crafts like new home decors, fashion styles, new make-up, and hairstyles.

Lots of internet users are always in search of the perfect necklace, handbag, something unique for their personal consumption or for other purposes.

This is an awesome opportunity for you to showcase your own homemade designs and crafts for people to see and purchase with ease.

Lots of craft makers post varieties of handmade products for people to discover and probably purchase, and you can take advantage of this opportunity to create an online presence for your craft business.

How to Sell Crafts on Pinterest

Selling Your Crafts on Pinterest

If you are looking to promote your craft business online and you are not on Pinterest, then you are missing out on a huge opportunity.

Internet users visit Pinterest to check out new styles, new crafts designs, and other recommended craft designs, and they can view varieties of craft designs posted by craft makers.

With over 200 million users visiting Pinterest monthly, your craft business stands a great chance of snowballing if you place it on Pinterest.

Lots of craft makers are already promoting their craft business through Pinterest, and we will show you How to Sell Crafts on Pinterest.

Follow these steps to sell your crafts on Pinterest:

  • Visit the Pinterest website to create a business account
  • Then click on PINTEREST FOR BUSINESS, then choose to JOIN AS A BUSINESS
  • Enter important business info, accept Pinterest terms of service, then click on CREATE ACCOUNT
  • You can decide to switch your personal account to a business account.
  • To change your personal profile to a business account, click on SWITCH TO BUSINESS button on your account.
  • Then, add important business details like username, logo, websites, locations, and any other info required.
  • Describe your brand name, brand, and pinned content using keywords. Pinterest is similar to Google; therefore, the optimization of keywords is important.
  • Describe what you offer, add descriptions to the images on your Pinterest board, and link them to your product page.
  • You can then use Hashtags as they are equally important on Pinterest as they are on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.
  • Add buyable pins to sell products connect customers easily to your Bigcommerce or Shopify product page. However, it also allows users to have access to ADD A BAG button from your pin, which connects them easily to your store to purchase items.
  • You can also use Pinterest ads to promote your product better on the platform. You don’t sell your products directly on Pinterest; instead, Pinterest acts as a link between users and your product page. The buyable pins is that link between your product page and give your customer quick access to your page.

How to Link Your Store to Pinterest

You don’t get to sell directly on Pinterest, so you have to link your store to Pinterest to give customers easy access to your product page or selling platforms you sell products from.

  • To link your store to Pinterest, you have to apply Buyable pins once you launch your Shopify or Bigcommerce site.
  • A blue shop link will appear on your profile once you’re approved showing a list of products that have already been pinned on your board.
  • When you add new listings that are also approved by Pinterest, they will also appear in a protected board with other buyable pins. Then you can save these pins to public boards for other users to see when they are in search of such crafts.
  • Then, you have to ensure that your business is eligible if they do not meet Pinterest’s standard; they will not be approved. You ought to also use the right URL and make sure your products are not out of the store if you want them to appear as buyable pins.
  • Also, ensure you list your products in the right category if you want them to appear on display.
  • Finally, Pinterest is a site designed mostly to get people off of the site and on to other sites. This means it serves as a link between your product page, like Shopify, Bigcommerce platforms, and Pinterest users.


In summary, users who are interested in new craft designs like unique home decors, different styles of the handbag, necklace and other types of crafts often visit Pinterest to check out varieties of crafts.

So, as an artist, it’s important you learn How to Sell Crafts on Pinterest and take advantage of the platform.

As a craft maker looking for how to create an online presence for your craft business, you need to take advantage of Pinterest to start promoting your business and gaining customers.

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