How to Send Voice Tweets on Twitter | How to Voice Record on Twitter

How to Send Voice Tweets on Twitter – Twitter is a fantastic platform to be part of; it is currently one of the most popular social media platforms. You can join the app to get updates on what is happening around the world, promote your brand, get in touch with celebrities, or simply have fun with your followers.

Now, Twitter has introduced a new feature on the app that enables you to record your tweets. If you are one of those who find it difficult to type what you want to say, this is an excellent option.

How to Send Voice Tweets on Twitter

Some Important Things to Note about Audio Tweets

  • The Audio tweet feature has been rolled out to the iOS app, and users can update their app to gain access to this feature. If you can’t find it on your app, then it is not available to you.
  • You can only record voice tweets for original tweets. You cannot record voice tweets for replies or comments.
  • The Audio snippets are published as audio tweets, which others can play to listen to what you have to say. Your profile picture will be added to audio tweets and will not be refreshed even if you change your profile picture.  
  • Each audio snippets can be up to 140 seconds; once you exceed the time, a new recording will start. And the audio snippets will be stringed together as a thread of voice tweets. You can record 2 minutes and 20 seconds for each individual voice tweet. If your message is longer than that, it will be threaded as 25 tweets.  
  • Tapping on someone’s audio tweet will automatically play the audio. Once you tap PLAY audio will automatically minimize in an audio dock at the bottom of your screen. You can listen to the audio while doing other things on the app, and audio will continue to play even if you leave the app.

How to Send Voice Tweets on Twitter

You can now record voice tweets so that other users can listen to what you have to say. To record voice tweets:

  • Tap the tweet audio icon; it is the purple waveform you will find when you want to make a new post.
  • Tap the Red Record button to start recording your messages. And tap done when you are done recording.
  • You also have the option to add text tweets or start a thread with multiple tweets. Each audio snippet is up to 140 seconds.
  • When you are done recording and you ready to tweet audio, just click TWEET to send.


This is as easy as it gets to record voice tweets on your twitter app and send it for your followers to listen to. Voice tweet feature is an amazing development; it will save you the stress of having to type when you can just record what you want to say.

However, it is available only on iOS apps if you don’t find the feature, which means it is not yet available to you. Just update your twitter app to gain access to this amazing feature if you are using an iOS device.

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