How to Sync WhatsApp Contacts | Sync WhatsApp contacts to Show Missing contacts

How to Sync WhatsApp Contacts – WhatsApp is a popular social media platform with over millions of users patronizing it every day to enjoy interacting with friends, family members, acquaintances, and new people and also for business purposes.

More and more people seem to be joining the platform because of its easy and fun way of communication, you can chat with your friends all day long; keep in touch with events happening around them no matter the distance once your data is on.

The fun part is that you can send messages instantly and receive them instantly. The live typing feature makes it possible for you to see when your friends are likely to send you messages, and you get notifications to enable you to send replies even if you are not on your WhatsApp app.

It is a social media platform which is free and safe for users to enjoy and use in sending Voice notes, voice and video calls, sending instant text messages, sharing of videos and other media securely on the platform.

Since WhatsApp has replaced the traditional way of sending text messages, you can now communicate with all your contact all at once, and it is more fun and more efficient to use.

Since your WhatsApp chat list is dependent on your contact list, you have to sync your contact list with your WhatsApp account. Once you sync contacts with your WhatsApp, you can get to chat with your contacts on the platform bearing it in mind that it is safe and totally private.

Your WhatsApp contact list contains a list of contacts that are on the platform, and you can chat with them with ease by just tapping on the specific contact you wish to chat with. Then with your WhatsApp account you can edit photos and send to friends, you can use emojis to communicate with friends, share photos with contacts, and upload your status for your contact to view and basically keep in touch with all your favorite people.

Your WhatsApp contact list is just basically people you know or have their phone numbers saved in your phone that communicate with you on WhatsApp and rest assured that your private messages and private files you send to your contacts are secured.

Syncing your contact with your WhatsApp is one important step you need to do while signing up for a WhatsApp account; it’s no fun when you can’t communicate with your friends and family members instantly, or you can’t easily identify your WhatsApp chat list with their contact names on your phone.

When you sync your contact with WhatsApp, you will surely get all your favorite people right on your WhatsApp account. It’s a very easy step, and we will walk you through the process of getting it done.

How to Sync WhatsApp Contacts

How to Sync Contact with WhatsApp on iPhone

iPhone users find it hard to automatically sync their contacts with their WhatsApp account because iPhone denies access to its contacts for WhatsApp, so you might have to use manual options to get it done.

What’s the fun of having WhatsApp without having all your contacts right there to communicate with quite easily and quickly? Well, you can add your phone contacts to your WhatsApp account by following these steps:

  • Go to your iPhone settings, scroll to PRIVACY
  • Then tap on CONTACTS, make sure your WhatsApp is on, and then go to the WhatsApp app
  • Open the contacts tab, tap the plus icon to choose the contact you wish to add
  • Enter specified information about the contact, then click DONE to conclude the process

Now you can chat with your friends, family members, and acquaintances right on WhatsApp instantly and in a more exciting one.

How to Sync Contacts with WhatsApp on Android Phone

Whatsapp contact sync on android phone is usually automatic; all you have to do is allow WhatsApp permission to access your contact list while installing the app on your phone. But if you did not do this properly and you do not see your contact list on your WhatsApp you can rectify it by:

  • Going to your android phone settings
  • On the SETTINGS screen click on ACCOUNTS
  • Then tap WHATSAPP on the accounts screen, tap WHATSAPP ACCOUNT on the next screen
  • On the WhatsApp sync settings page, click on MORE or MENU ICON
  • Then tap on SYN NOW on the drop-down option that appears, this should rectify the problem.


With your phone contacts synced with your WhatsApp account, you can keep in touch with friends and family members, send instant messages, use emojis to make it more fun, you can send and receive photos and videos, send voice notes and have fun all day long on your WhatsApp account.

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