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MoneyGram has been a trusted money transfer agent over the year with quite a large clientele. It has always been an easy, safe and trusted way to transfer and send money to family members and friends around the world. However, when transferring with MoneyGram, it is necessary to know the basics on How to Track Moneygram Transfer. This will help you ascertain the current status of your transfer at any time and from anywhere in the world. You can inquire about the status of your transfer easily online from anywhere and at any time once you follow these simple steps that we are about to teach you. will show you How to Track Moneygram Transfer in this article.

How to Track Moneygram Transfer

How to Track Moneygram Transfer

  • Log In First: Type in into your browser and click login. When you get on the website, choose the option Login on the right of your browser window. Fill in your username and secret password in order to view all your information but just in case you have not opened an account before or do not have a MoneyGram website account, you will see the option to register which you should select to create your own account.
  • Access Your Profile: When you’ve logged in after providing your credentials or creating your account, look for the option “Recent Activity” to look through for the list for the particular transaction you want to track. You could also put in the date followed by the name of the person you wished you send it to. In the calendar for you to be able to filter out the one, you’re looking for. If you select the right name or transaction, the transaction history and details will be displayed.
  • Confirm the Reference Number: If you have previously transferred to the same recipient, all the transfer transactions involving that person will be displayed. In order to confirm which one you’re trying to track, you have to use the confirmation number on your receipt. When you have recognized the right one, you will be able to view more information in the “status” section.

How to Track Moneygram Transfer

Understand The Terms Of The Tracking Responses.

When you view the status section, there are terms that will be used to describe the status of your transaction. If the status is “Pending”, this means that it’s not been long since you initiated it. It can also mean that the account you are sending money too is being verified for security. When “In Process” is displayed, this means that the recipient has been confirmed. The money is in transit to the receiving account. When the status shows “Payment Complete”, this means that the money is now available for collection but is yet to be redeemed from the MoneyGram outlet. Finally, when the status shows “Picked Up”, this means that the money has been claimed and collected.

Alternatively, in this modern day world, the concept of tracking numbers have been introduced. This means that for every transaction initiated, a tracking number is assigned to it. You can just type in and type in the track number in the spacebar. After which, the tracking details and status will be displayed. This is how to track a MoneyGram transfer.

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