How to Unhide Messages on Facebook Messenger App | Unhide Messenger Hidden Chats

How to Unhide Messages on Facebook Messenger App – O.M.G, you’re in need of that Facebook message you achieved some time back, and you’ve got absolutely no idea on how you could unarchive the archived messages on your Facebook account? 

Well, it’s a good thing you’re here reading this article because we’ve got you covered on how best to get back your hidden Facebook messages. Just sit back, Relax and Read on. 

How to Unhide Messages on Facebook Messenger App

To unhide all your hidden/archived Facebook messages, follow the guide below. All you’ve got to do is:

  1. Click on your Facebook messenger app
  2. Log into your Facebook account with the necessary requirements
  3. Search through for the archived messages you’d like to unarchive.
  4. Once you find them, highlight the archived messages to be unarchived.
  5. There will be a symbol with an Ellipsis sign; click on it.
  6. Once you do that, an archive option will pop up
  7. Choose the messages you wish to unarchive/ recover back
  8. Click on the Unarchive option
how to unhide messages on facebook messenger app

With that, your conversations should have been recovered successfully and you’ll see all your Messenger Hidden Chats. If you would like to get rid of Single Chat Messages on Facebook, the prompt below can help, so read on.

How to Clear Single Chat Messages on Facebook Messenger

To get rid of single chats on Facebook once and for all without the need to archive them, all you’ll need to do is follow the guide below.  

  1. Log into your Facebook account
  2. Search for the messages you would like to delete/ get rid of
  3. Click on the Actions button
  4. Click on the Delete Conversation option 

However, there is an option to get rid of/delete Messages. Through this process, outlines from the conversation can be easily deleted. 

Hopefully, this article was helpful, do well to unarchive the archived Facebook messages of your choice and if you would prefer deleting them for good, then work that magic with the help of the guides above and your fingers. Enjoy practicing what you just discovered.

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