How to Untag Yourself on Facebook Posts | How to Remove Tag on Facebook | How do I Untag Myself in Someone else’s Photo?

How to Untag Yourself on FacebookSometimes on Facebook, people tag you to unrelated posts (photos and videos) or even mention you in Facebook stories you would rather not want to participate in.

Does Facebook notify if I tag someone in a post or if I am being tagged to a post on Facebook? What exactly is the point of Facebook tags?

Facebook tagging has become one of Facebook’s long time feature. Some Facebook users do not like it, while others do like it. Some other Facebook users may not even know that such a Facebook feature exists.

When you are tagged in a Facebook post, you will receive notifications, and the post will show up in your Facebook timeline. You can decide whether to leave the tag or remove the tag.

If you’re not happy with a post you’re tagged in, or you feel so stressed out with unsolicited tags by friends on Facebook, you can remove the Facebook tag or ask the person who tagged you to take the post down.

How to Untag Yourself on Facebook

How to Untag Someone on Facebook

Facebook tags provide a way to direct your posts to a specific individual on Facebook. Unfortunately, there’s no way a Facebook user can stop friends from tagging them to unrelated photos or videos; one thing is certain – there are ways to stop friends from tagging you on Facebook.

One of these ways includes;

  • Visit your Facebook privacy settings.
  • Scroll down to timeline and tagging.
  • Click on the Edit settings.
  • Tap on review posts on the tag section.
  •  Click the drop-down menu and select enable.

When you enable me the review posts friends tag you option, every Photo or video you are tagged in will be held up for your review and approval before it gets to your Facebook timeline. I think this is the fastest and simplest way to minimize your Facebook tags from friends.

Remove a Facebook post tag of yourself from someone else’s Photo?

  • Log in to the Facebook account.
  • Click on your Facebook profile icon on the top corner of the page.
  • Tap the photos icon in the Facebook timeline menu.
  • Then, scroll down to photos and videos of you – it includes the posts you’ve been tagged in.
  • Select the Photo you wish to remove a tag from.
  • In the bottom menu, click options.
  • Select report/ remove tags.
  • Finally, click the “continue button.”

The tag is removed, and the post is blocked from your Facebook timeline.

In conclusion, the Facebook tag links Facebook users and locations to photos, and notifications are sent to tagged people whenever a picture is commented on or shared.

When you remove a Facebook tag, bear in mind that you will no longer see that post, but the post will still be available to other tagged Facebook users of the post.

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