How to Create and use your Facebook Avatar in Comments and Posts | How to use Facebook Avatars on Messenger

How to use Facebook Avatar in Comments – Facebook’s newest feature, the Facebook avatar, is currently trending and rightly so. The feature lets users create 3D avatars of themselves, which is a popular feature in most social media apps.

Users can now use Facebook avatar creator to create beautiful avatars of themselves, which they can use in comments, FB stories, on FB messenger, and even as their Facebook profile picture.

Using Facebook Avatar in Comments Page

How to use Facebook Avatar in Comments

Using my avatar on Facebook comments page is easy; we will be showing you how to go about it quickly. However, before we get started, we’ll like to reiterate that the Facebook avatar feature is only available on updated versions of the Facebook app and messenger app.

Also, the Facebook update 2020 has been touted to have other amazing features. Now to get started on using avatar Facebook stickers in comments page:

  • Click on the comment section
  • Tap on the face icon
  • Then on the bottom of the screen, click the colored face icon
  • The above step will open and show you all the available avatar Facebook stickers
  • You can then use any of the avatars in the comment.

How to Share Facebook Avatar on Facebook Feed or Facebook Profile Picture

To get started, you should create your own Facebook avatar; the process is easy and fun; if you are ready to create an avatar image of you, Facebook avatar creator try it now. Once you create an avatar, you can then use it on your feed or profile picture by following these steps;

  • Click the arrow icon on the top-right corner of your screen,
  • Then look at the bottom of the page, you will see two options; ‘share it as profile picture’ and ‘share it on feed.’ 
  • Finally, choose whichever option you like and then proceed to use the avatar

Using the Facebook Avatars a Stickers

Facebook allows users to use Facebook avatars as stickers. To do this, follow these steps;

  • Go to the top right corner of your screen,
  • Click on the sticker icon (it is shaped like a smiley face in a square)
  • When you click the above, you will see a wide range of stickers you can choose from

How to use Facebook Avatars on Messenger

FB messenger allows the use of avatars for conversations. To use the Facebook avatar on FB messenger:

  • Click on the face icon; this is beside the type message section
  • When you click the above, you will see “use avatars as sticker” option
  • Finally, click on the sticker and use your preferred avatar to make conversations

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