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We know how embarrassing it is when we can’t use the apps in our very own phones, especially in public places. We will be showing you how to use that Facebook lite apps so do not worry anymore.

This article will give you a guideline on how to you can use this app without sweating much. These apps don’t come with manuals and just because it is the lighter version of Facebook doesn’t mean we all know how to use it.

Facebook Lite App

What is Facebook Lite App?

The Facebook lite app is a social media app that grants you access to the internet, allows you to catch up with your friends’ stories. It gives you an opportunity to post your stories and interact with people you know while having fun.

Yes, there’s Facebook and now Facebook lite? What do we need two for? Don’t forget interacting with your friends on social media requires you to spend a lot on data, not every one of us can keep up with these expenses or have enough storage for the Facebook app.

This is where Facebook lite apps come into play. Facebook lite app is the stripped down version of Facebook that enables people with slow internet speed, low phone storage and not so sophisticated device to still enjoy the benefits of the Facebook.

Yes, you can definitely interact with your friends at a cheaper rate and at your own pace than you do with Facebook while still having fun. And of course, we are going to show you just how it works.

Difference Between Facebook Lite App and Facebook App

The Facebook lite app has a good number of similarities with the traditional Facebook app; however, they are not the same.

The Facebook lite app is a subsidized form of the Facebook app and gives you a good experience as you explore it. Facebook app consumes a lot of space on our phone, a lot of battery and a whole lot of data.

The Facebook lite app is a version of Facebook that tackles most of these problems. It works on slow internet speed, does not consume much space, data or phone battery.

The app takes up just 2.82MB of your phone’s storage and can be downloaded and installed using 1MB. Although, this app often cannot be used in playing online videos.

It is ideal for people with old versions of phones. Its features are specially designed for devices that are outdated. Who said you couldn’t have as much fun with your old device as your friends who have the latest devices?

So while the Facebook app is mostly for new tech phones, occupies space, drains data and battery faster, this one does the opposite.

How to Use the Facebook Lite App

The Facebook lite app is not a strange technology and can be very easy to use; we will show you how to enjoy your app fully below;

  • You can download the app by easily visiting a play store app, search for Facebook lite and click install or you can download it through the Facebook lite webpage. Once you install, you can get started.
  • Setting up your Facebook profile is also easy, just follow the instructions. Fill out the necessary info and get started. At the top of your app, you have what looks like a toolbar that helps you access your notifications, friend requests, your timeline, search tool, settings, and other features. Click any of the icons for any specific operation you want.
  • It is quite similar to that of the Facebook app; you can update your post from time to time and also comment, view or like posts that pop up in your app.
  • Facebook lite reduces the excesses of the Facebook app and performs its functions quite unceremoniously. You can view a post and tap the like button without all the animated features appearing as it is on the Facebook app.
More Functions Available on the App
  • New posts and photos are downloaded on this app when you request for it. You can see the comments or likes on a post without manually reloading. However, to see recent updates you have to pull with your thumb to refresh. But news feed refreshes some data without you doing so manually.
  • The app does not preload photos; you might have to wait for some seconds for photos to show up. However, you can see the title of the post and the one ahead of it.
  • There are settings in your menus that help you toggle to compress images and videos in your app. Videos can only auto-play when you are using Wi-Fi. Nevertheless, you can tap to watch videos on a simplified video player with comment and reactions field below it.
  • The settings give you control over the use of your app, by clicking the clean space button you can wipe out old files from storage and adjust your notifications.
  • The Facebook lite app makes navigation as simple as possible and gives you control over the use of your data on your app.

In summary, the Facebook lite app might be an old-school version of Facebook, but it gives you the functions of Facebook in a simplified way. You should definitely try it out!

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