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Facebook stories are the real deal now on Fb, if you are looking for the best way to stay connected with your friends, fans or customers, you can simply keep updating your Facebook story every day.

What is your Story on Facebook?

Facebook stories are just like status updates that last for 24 hours before they disappear. Your Facebook story appear on the new stories section on your friends’ news feed, and they can tap it to watch them.

The stories do not last as long as normal Facebook status update and mostly have to do with visual contents than written information.

Your friends can get to see your day to day activities on your Facebook stories, and you don’t have to go through the process of updating your status on your news feed for them to do so.

For Facebook business owners, Facebook stories is definitely an important tool for marketing and reaching your target audience.

You can create a closer relationship with your customers through the Fb story, they can get to see your products for real, and this will foster a trustworthy relationship between you and them.

They are very engaging and a great marketing strategy for your business. For your personal account, you can have fun uploading photos and videos for your friends to see, this way you can keep in touch with them at all times.

You may not really want to upload everything on your timeline for them to stay for an extended time, but you can upload them on your story, and within a short time, the stories are off.

Facebook stories

How to Use Facebook Stories

The Facebook stories feature was initially available only on the Fb app; however, you can now use this feature on a desktop through a Web browser.

To post stories on Facebook, follow these steps:

  • Just Click ADD TO STORY icon on the Stories bar at the top of the news feed.
  • You can also do so On Desktop by Clicking on the Status Update, and you will be given an alternative option of adding stories.  
  • Or you can tap the camera icon at the top of your screen or swipe right from the news feed to add stories.
  • Then you can tap the Record button to take a photo or tap & hold the button to record a video. Or you can also choose to upload videos or pictures from your phone’s gallery.
  • To save a photo or video, just tap the Download icon.
  • Click Your Story and click send to add your story.

How to View Facebook Stories

You can view other people’s stories by following these steps:

  • On your news feed, you will see a section for new stories; just click on the friend’s story you want to view. Or you can tap a friend’s profile picture to view their story, and they can see that you have viewed their FB story.
  • You can move forward and backward to view stories on the Stories Section, and you can tap & hold an FB story to pause it.

You can have a fantastic time on Facebook, uploading, and viewing stories from your friends and loved ones.