How to Use Google Classroom App | Download Google Classroom App for Android

How to Use Google Classroom App – Google classroom is part of the products that make up Google education, and it is available to only educators. It is a free collaboration tool for teachers and students; teachers can create classes online, invite students, discuss topics of study, and distribute assignments. Teachers and students can interact with the online classroom, and teachers can track the student’s progress.

How to Use Google Classroom App

The Classroom app makes it easy for you to access the platform, create classes online, grade assignments, and interact with your students. You can download this app on both Android devices and IOS devices. Once you download the apps, follow these steps to launch it:

  • Tap SIGN UP to Google Classroom at the bottom of the welcome screen.
  • You will see your Google accounts if you have already set them up. However, you will need to log into your Google App for Education using your login details.
  • Enter your login details, then tap the triangle.
  • Click OK in terms of the Service box.
  • You will be prompted to upgrade the app by Google; click Not Now for the meantime.
  • Check or uncheck the box that asks you if you want to stay up to date with news or offers from Google, depending on your choice.
  • An on-screen prompt from Google will notify you that you have been signed into your account. Then you can choose the types of data you want to sync to the device. Leave the options checked and click the right triangle.
  • Tap the Google Apps for Education to add it to the list of Google accounts.
  • Google shows you a list of benefits; you can read through it or skip it.
  • Then you are finally logged into the Google classroom app.

What Are the Things You Can Do With Google Classroom App?

There are lots of things you can do with your Google classroom app as a teacher, and they include:

  • Creating an online classroom for students to join
  • You can check if your students have done their assignments.
  • Also, you can make announcements and post comments on assignments.
  • You can send emails to students
  • Access your class’s Google drive
  • Then you can disable or reset your class code.
How to Create Google Classroom

How to Create Google Classroom

Google Classroom enables teachers to create classroom areas to carry out teaching activities and manage documents needed by students. To create a Google classroom, follow these steps:

  • Go to Google classroom web page or open your Google classroom app.
  • Click the plus icon at the top of the Welcome screen and choose Create Class.
  • Type the name of the class and the section of the class on the Dialogue box.
  • Then click Create

Some Features You Can Access On Your Classroom

There are features available in your already created classroom, and you can do a lot with them.

  • There are three tabs available on your classroom screen, and they include Stream, Students, and About.
How to Use Google Classroom App


This is your classroom management area, and you can manage the student’s documents from here. You can make announcements, add new assignments, and attach necessary details to it. And you can send messages to your students from here.


This is the second tab on the created classroom; you can invite students from here and also manage their permission level. To invite students to your class, just add them as your Google contacts, or they have to be in the school’s directory.


This tab allows you to add details of your classroom, such as the title, description, class location, and other materials. You can add materials or attachments to your class’s Google drive.

  • Google has a tour button that allows you to check out the features and find out how to use them.
  • You can add a new class whenever you want by clicking the Plus icon.
  • The three-dot icon next to the classroom name allows you to rename or archive a class. The classes you archive are moved to the Archived section, and students cannot add or make changes to such classes. However, they can still access the class.
  • Google Drive folder stores the class materials, and you can click the file folder icon at the bottom right of the class tile to access the class folder.
  • The home screen allows you to access the different classes you have created and also perform other functions.

What Are the Benefits of Google Classroom?

The benefits of using the platform include the following:

  • Accessibility: users can easily access the classroom and other learning documents by either opening the app or visiting the homepage. Students can check out files provided by the teacher through the class folder.
  • It saves time since teachers can easily access this platform; also, it makes it easy to complete other tasks.
  • It creates a better level of communication between students and teachers. Students can send private messages to their teachers, post to the stream, and add their own comments to assignments. Teachers can even communicate with the student’s parents through individual emails or through classroom email summaries.
  • Then, it also creates a high level of engagement from students; this technology makes learning an interactive and collaborative process. Students can comment about assignments; teachers can also add videos and web pages to the platform, making students engage more in the learning process.
  • Teachers can send feedback to students through the grading tool. Students can find out areas they need to improve on and also get commendations from the teachers.
  • You can easily analyze data from student’s assessments to ensure they are making progress.
How Do You Share a Webpage with Your Classroom?

Sharing webpages with your students is quite easy; just follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the website you want to share with your students, then click Share with classroom
  • Then sign in with G suite Education account; click Add Account if it does not appear to enable you to sign in.
  • Select a class you want to share a webpage with, or you can create a class.
  • Choose an action and select from these options, Create an Assignment, Ask questions Or Make Announcements.
  • Then click GO
  • Finally, write your post and click POST.

In summary, the Google classroom app is quite beneficial to the learning process, and it is equally easy to use. Learning can become an interactive and collaborative process with the Google classroom app; students can communicate better with their students, and learning is made easily accessible and easy too. Follow the steps we have shown you to perform varieties of functions on the platform.

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