Google Lens App | How to Use Google Lens | Google Lens Features

Google Lens App is a Google AI-powered tech that was announced in 2017; it uses a smartphone camera to detect objects and offer extensive actions base on the object. Google lens tech relies on your Android smartphone camera to view what’s around you and gives you a powerful meaning of the object.

Google lens is a tool that uses image recognition to help you navigate the real world through Google Assistant. You can use the Google lens to identify images on your camera and also gain more information about places, plants, animals, products, and other objects.

How Google Lens Works

Google lens enables you to point your smartphone camera at any object, and with the aid of the Google Assistant feature, it tells you details of the object. With Google Lens, you can easily point and shoot at any object.

The Google lens app is a very clever app. It is fast in recognizing different objects and making suggestions related to the image.

Sometime in February 2017, Google announced that the Google lens would be rolled out to Android phones and iOS phones as a standalone app and can be accessed via Google photos. At first, it was a standalone app, then later became integrated into Android’s standard camera app.

How to Use Google Lens App

Google Lens Features

Google lens relies on a comprehensive information source from Google and other places. It gives you accurate information about any object or image you took on your phone.

The Google lens app is designed with exclusive features, which includes;

  • It serves as a scanner.
  • Smart text selection.
  • Smart text search.
  • Has Google translation feature that enables easy translation of texts.
  • Find about points of interest.
  • Recognizes images.
  • Translate signs.
  • Add events to the calendar.

The Google lens identifies objects by reading barcodes, QR codes, labels, and text, and how important search results and information.  It allows you to copy text in form of phone numbers, email, and as well as text from the real world.

How to Access Google lens from an Android device

You’ve taken a photo of an unusual happening, a work of art, an animal, an interesting place, or a new product, and you want to know more about the photo. One handy tool that can perform such actions is the Google lens.

With the Google Lens app, you can get information or take quick actions on our photos and objects around you. You can use the Google lens from either your Google photos, Google assistant, on your Android phone, and Google app on some Android phones. Follow the steps below to access Google lens from your Android phones;

  • Visit the Google photo app on your Android device.
  • Select a photo.
  • Click on Google lens.
  • View the details of the photo.
  • Ask a question about the photo.

The main advantage of having the Google lens standalone app is that you can easily visit the Google lens without going through the Google photos or Google Assistant.

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