How to Use Ruler in MS Word | How to Show Ruler in Word

How to Use Ruler in MS Word – Some people use the space bar to make their documents look right. However, the space bar cannot give your document that alignment it needs, especially when it is for formal purposes.

This is why it is important for you to learn how to use vertical and horizontal rulers on Microsoft Word to make your work easier. Learning how to use these rulers will make it easier for you to edit documents and also ensure the documents are precise.

How to Use the Ruler in MS Word

Changing document margin

  • First, you need to open the MS Word App and load the document you want to change its margins. Ensure the ruler is visible if it isn’t, click on the “View Ruler” button above the right scroll bar.
  • Then move your mouse to the two triangles between the blue and white sections on the horizontal ruler. The cursor would change to a double-headed arrow. Just hold down and drag the mouse to change either the left or right margin. Do this also to change the top margin and the bottom margin.

Setting Tabs

  • To Set tabs, open MS word, then load the document in which you want to set tabs. Ensure your rulers are enabled. If they are not, you need to click the “View” tab and click the “Ruler” option in the Show/Hide group.
  • Then Click the “Tab style” button between the vertical ruler and ribbon to choose a tab style. Then you can set left, right, bar, or centre tabs.
  • Click on the Horizontal rulers for the tab stop to appear. Then you can click on the Horizontal rulers to add more tabs. If you want to delete tabs, simply click on the tab with the left mouse button, then drag the tabs back to the Tab Styles button.

Changing Paragraph Indents

  • Open MS Word and load a document. Then click on the “View Ruler” button to turn on rulers.
  • Then click at the beginning of the first paragraph you want to indent. You can get three types of the indent on Word; normal indents, first-line indent, and hanging indent.
  • Then move your mouse cursor to the two triangles on the horizontal ruler. The top triangle represents your first paragraph, and the bottom one is the left indent of the paragraph.
  • Move the triangles together to get a normal indent. Drag the top triangle to the left to get a hanging indent. And drag the bottom triangle to make a first-line indent.

Configuring the Ruler in Advanced Display option

Now, if you want your ruler to measure elements in your document in a different unit, you can do the following:

  • Click “File” And Then “options” to open word options.
  • Then Click On “Advanced” from the left sidebar and go to the Display sections.
  • Then select your desired unit of measurement next to the “Show Measurements in unit of” option.
  • If you want to disable the vertical ruler option, then you need to Uncheck “Show Vertical Ruler in Print Layout View.”
  • Then click “Ok” to save your changes.


The use of a Ruler in MS Word is very important and easy. It helps keep your work tidy, and the feature is easy to find. So follow our laid down steps to make the best of the Microsoft software package.

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