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How to Use Your Phone as a Webcam | DroidCam Webcam App | Android Webcam

How to Use Your Phone as a Webcam – With the recent covid19 pandemic, a lot of organizations and businesses had moved their workforce into the work-from-home mode. A lot of these organizations are in desperate need of some basic tech supplies like the webcams, maybe because their PC or laptop to webcam got broken.

The standard webcam device can be costly; however, there’s an alternative.

Transform your phone to a webcam

If you need a webcam because you want to participate in an online video meeting via zoom or any other video conferencing app, then your Android or iOS phones can act as a webcam to your PC. It takes just the right Android app, a Windows software client, and a few clicks to transform your Android and iOS devices into a webcam.

The process of using your Android or iOS phones as a webcam can be done by downloading an app to your phone. The app broadcasts a signal via a Wi-Fi connection to an app on your PC. The app then signifies the app on your PC that your phone now acts as a webcam.

There are several mobile apps you can use to transform your mobile phones to a webcam device, and they include;

How to Use Your Phone as a Webcam

Use your Android Phone as a Webcam for your PC

To use your Android device as a webcam for your pc, you need to make sure your Android phone and your PC are connected to the same internet connections. Follow the steps below to use your Android as a webcam;

  • Download and install the Droidcam wireless webcam app on your Android device.
  • Then, download and install the Droidcam client app on your Windows PC.
  • Launch and connect both the wireless and client Droidcam apps.
  • Click the start button from the windows Droidcam client to begin the video data transmission.
  • A preview of the video sent from your Android camera will be displayed on your screen.

You can now use your Android phone as a webcam; you can now open any app (Skype, Facebook, or zoom) that needs a webcam and configure it to use.

Use your iOS as a webcam

Getting your iOS set up as a webcam is very easy and straight forward, follow these steps below;

  • Download the Icam app from your iOS app store.
  • Visit the Icam site and download and install the drivers for your operating system.
  • Then, launch the Icam app on your iOS.
  • Open a webcam enabled program or video conferencing app like Skype or zoom.
  • Select the Icam as the webcam source.

In conclusion, using your Android and iOS devices as a webcam is quite simple and works beautifully.

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