Instagram Beta Tester 2020 | How to Download Instagram Beta App for Android and iOS Devices

Instagram Beta Tester – You love Instagram so much and can’t wait for the app release dates? You wish to check new features before every other user; then the Instagram Beta app is the right option for you. The Instagram Beta apps are usually early versions of the app in the development stage, mostly sent out to developers. Nevertheless, some public users can test this Beta program and give feedback.

Betas are pre-released versions of every new app update; the programs are used to test new features and analyze users’ reactions to it. Instagram Beta app is unfinished versions of the app that are not yet official builds. 

Therefore it does not give the perfect user experience and has some little bit of cosmetic differences from the official build. If you wish to get updates of the Instagram app, test new features, and be ahead of other users when exploring new features, you can join the beta program to become a tester.

You might not like the software because of the bugs and problems that come with this app. But you can always be ahead of others when it comes to knowing a variety of new features on the app. If this is worth it, then you can put up with the problems attached to using this app. 

The Instagram Beta has terrific features like video recording, tilt-shift effects, unlimited uploads, support for front and back cameras, and others. It just allows you to explore a whole new variety of features that way; you get to know how to use features on the app before your friends waiting for the app’s official build.

Instagram invites users to join the Beta testers group to enjoy new features added to the app. However, their main aim is to get actual feedback about the new features. It is mainly experimental to see people’s reactions to upcoming versions of the app. 

There are filters, stickers, and effects you can enjoy, and the best part is that you get to be one of the first users to experience these features. You love to share videos on social media, experiment with new filters or effects, then the Instagram Beta app is best for you.

Nevertheless, you will be expected to use this app in place of your actual Instagram app; you use your live account in this app.

Instagram Beta Tester

How to Download Instagram Beta Tester 2020 for iOS Devices

If you love to be amongst the first to test new updates of Instagram features, you can easily download Instagram Beta app for your device. To do so, you have to first:

  • Click SIGN UP on the Apple Beta page and register with your Apple ID.
  • Login to the Beta Software Programme
  • Go to on your iOS device.
  • Download and install the configuration profile
  • Your beta version will be available in your SETTINGS under GENERAL.

How to Download Instagram Beta on your Android Device

Betas are usually for software developers, but Instagram has opened up for public users to indulge in their app testing versions. To download this app for your android device simply:

  • Join the Instagram Beta Testers Google group using your Google Email address.
  • Tap BECOME A TESTER in the Google store.
  • Download Instagram from the Google play store to update your normal live one to the Beta app.
  • Turn on automatic updates to enable frequent updates of the app. It happens multiple times a week.
  • You can then submit feedback through REPORT A PROBLEM option.

Now you can be the first to experiment new features and tell your friends about it.

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