Justice League 2017 Movie Review

Justice League 2017 is definitely a movie we’ve all been waiting for from DC. Marvel did Avengers so we all expected DC (as a rival) had to make plans for theirs even though they tried to catch the wave when we were almost done with it. Wonder Woman did very well in the box office raking in over 6 times the budget however that wasn’t quite the case for Justice League. The budget was $300M and the movie barely doubled that in the box office which is not a good sign and on the other hand, sets Marvel as the lead over DC movies in the box office. This goes to show you that truly the movie was not quite what we expected. How? We’ll tell you.

With every superhero flick or movie, we all know that the aim is for the hero to step into a precarious situation and save the day. As predictable and clich√© as that might sound. We know that’s really what the movie is all about but the story behind that doomsday, the characters and the execution of the film is really what we are after because we already have an idea of what will happen. That for us is the “It” and the most important thing. Was DC able to fulfill that promise or part in this Justice League 2017 movie? Nah. Honestly, we think even the justice league animated series we’ve been watching these past few years is better. Okay, maybe that’s a little harsh.

Justice League 2017 Review

Justice League 2017 Review

Starting with the Justice League 2017 characters, Batman was a bit of a slug. Ben Affleck played Batman and looking at the personality or the perception of Ben Affleck generally, he doesn’t fit into the character of Batman. He looks like that cool gentleman who opens the car for his lady which isn’t exactly the character of Batman. Batman who was meant to be the leader of the team in the absence of Superman and face the Steffenwolf. But rather he seemed a little bit out of character as he dodges most of them away and hides in his machine. Of course, he looks more in character when he’s in the streets of Gotham.

Aquaman didn’t turn out so bad but it was like he was overdoing the cool act and trying so hard to appeal to the millennials. The Flash was the comic relief and the one always making us laugh which made him kind of cool. Wonder woman, on the other hand, wasn’t so vocal. She had very good chemistry with Batman but she didn’t really get into her element. Oh, Cyborg, he was quite boring and not so engaging maybe because of his computer-generated imagery. Steppenwolf which was supposed to be the villain didn’t really seem scary or harmful. He seemed like a quite regular guy who just wanted to tear the Justice League apart so they couldn’t achieve their goal and diffuse the three boxes that will destroy the world.

The unity that we have dreamed about for so long didn’t exactly come together very well in the Justice League 2017. You have to respect the fact that DC, however, is very good at bringing comic arts and animation to the silver screen and portraying superheroes artistically. We hope to see better movies from them soon.

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