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You are probably wondering what the kik app is all about, seems lots of people are making use of it these days and talking about, it’s probably a good thing we are here to help you get to know about this awesome app. The Kik app is a free app for interacting with your friends or acquaintances and a platform for meeting a whole new lot of people.

The Kik app is available for download on Google play store for android users and iTunes for iPhone and iPad users. Immediately you install the app, you can create an account and start enjoying connecting with your friends on the platform. Kiki app is free for download, but to enjoy the app, you need a data connection at all times

It’s simply an app used for instant messaging just like messenger, and it has fantastic features like Viber and WhatsApp only that it has extra more features. On your kik app, you can enjoy features like internal browse; you can play games, watch videos, make memes, listen to music which makes it rather hard to leave the app instead it even encourages you to spend more time on the app.

With your kik app, you can chat with your contacts, send messages, videos, pictures, and gifs, take part in group chats, anonymous chat and even promoted chat where you can follow a different brand of music and entertainment.

Their username identifies users, but if you have synced your contacts with the app, you will get to chat with your contacts on the platform. The Kik app has another feature which is the variety of internal apps on the platform and dating apps which users can redeem with their credit cards.

Kik messenger creates a whole new world for its users in which they can chat with their friends, get to new meet people and also follow entertainment news and more.

Kik app, unlike WhatsApp, allows users to create kik accounts with their email address, without having to connect it to their phone numbers. So you can connect with your friends through their username, or by using their phone numbers if they are in your contact list or by scanning a kik code.

Kik Messenger App

What is the Kik Messenger App all About?

  • Lots of teenagers and young adults are on this platform to keep in touch with their friends and meet new people; the fun part is that you can send instant messages while your mobile data connection is on, explore the apps on the messenger and enjoy a whole lot more experience. Young people love this app because of its fun way of connecting people and its awesome platform that allows people to meet new partners through their dating apps and get new friends as well. This is way better than using the old method of texting messages to friends, on kik messenger you can express yourself better to your friends with GIFs and emojis. Sending messages to your friends becomes a whole lot of fun, and you also get the messages instantly.
  • The popularity of this platform has increased over the years because of its awesome features, and it can boast of having about 300 million users patronizing the platform. The Kik app has various features that make it so awesome to use and has kept a whole lot of new people attracted to the app how much it makes text messaging amongst friends and contacts. You get notifications when messages are sent to you; the notification sounds alert you about new messages from friends which you can choose to ignore or reply instantly. You are also notified when your messages are sent as well and when you have received new ones. The live typing lets you know when you are friends are sending you messages, and you get to know when you are likely to receive it. You can also invite friends to join the platform through the invite friends feature on the app; you can send them invites through email or Sms text or other social media platforms.

More About the Kik Messenger App

  • With your kik code scanning, you can add new people by scanning people’s code by allowing kik access to your camera. So if you don’t have a person’s username or contact on your phone, you can simply search them on the app, find them and scan their kik code to add them to your Kik account. You can also send multimedia messages; share photos of yourself, videos, GIFS and more to your friends to keep them connected to you. The video chat is another awesome feature that lets you connect with your friends to live through one-on-one video chat similar to Skype and facetime.
  • You can customize your kik messenger to have your own touch or design; you’re at liberty to choose what colors you want for your chat bubble and whatever appeals to your taste. You can also add profile photos and username to make it easy for friends to identify you and make your kik messenger totally yours. The chat lists enable you to chat with whoever you like by just simply clicking on the chat, and you can also interact with groups of people through group chats. You are also in total control of your Kik account, through the privacy settings you can choose to sync your contacts with your Kik app or block people from contacting you.
  • With your kik app, there is hardly room for boredom as you can meet new people instantly by just searching them or following public chats or by using hashtags and you can also get to play games, watch videos and enjoy lots more features. And teens love it so much because of its anonymity, the ability to sign up without a phone number and connect with others with just their username and you get to meet as many people as you want. The app has everything users want on a social media platform and more.

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