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King Kong Skull Island is a reboot of the classic blockbuster King Kong. When you mix a super big, super bad monster with chaos and a foretelling doom you generally have the formula to get yourself a huge box office loot as a director. Set entirely this time in the jungle island home of Kong the new king kong movie seeks to tell a tale of the inherent failing of mankind.

When a team of human adventurers lands on an undiscovered island their first and immediate action is, of course, to blow a part of it up to pieces. Which invariably leads them towards an encounter with the resident living creatures. A creature given the moniker Kong and giant subterranean reptiles.

They on the other hand obviously do not take the blowing up of their peaceful habitat to be a sign of peace and good tidings. The team led by Bill Randa (John Goodman) and sponsored by a senator were ostensibly sent to bring evidence of strange things happening in the North Pacific. Set in 1973 at the beginning of the Watergate scandal and just as the Vietnam War is starting to end. It is a vague reflection of the troubles that plagued that time in American history.

King Kong Skull Island Casts

King Kong Skull Island assembles a host of quality actors which include Samuel L. Jackson, Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, John C Reilly, John Goodman, and other supporting casts.

The Kong we see in this movie has been changed from a slight sweetheart to a complete savage. Directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts this rendition of Kong is filled with strange and wonderful species. From giant bugs, swarms of pterodactyls to a huge water buffalo.

King Kong Skull Island

King Kong Skull Island Plot

Things begin to get interesting in the movie when a stranded world war two who had inhabited the island since 1944 shows up with his band of locals. Living and coexisting with the native tribe ever since he arrived to help this disorganized crew meet up with a rescue team north of the island in two days. The drama begins when they try to escape the worst of the island inhabitants – ugly and mean raptor-like creatures.

The acting in the new king kong is top-notch with Hiddleston supplying heartiness without overtaking the scenes. Samuel L. Jackson, of course, remains the consummate bad guy with a few human feelings. Brie Larson also managed to infuse life and flavor into her character. She never allowed it to sink into the depths of mediocrity as it so easily could.

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She still connects with Kong in that special way of old but in a manner that’s a bit more touching. Kong himself remains the biggest and most terrible hero known who displays magnificent feats of rage – but only when threatened by destruction.

While the movie does get a bit predictable and easy to figure out, the characters’ ability to play the role inevitably shines through most of the time with the King Kong Skull Island movie. Lovers of action would definitely enjoy the huge monsters and terrifying screams of soldiers literally being eaten. Rated PG-13, the violence, however, is not so blood-curdling or fear-inducing. It is all in all a good thriller and just what is expected from a King Kong movie.

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