Kuna Smart Light With Camera Review | Kuna Smart Security Light

Kuna Smart Light With Camera Review – Kuna is regarded as one of the best security cameras, with its stylish, smart, and simple design & features is definitely one device you should own in your home. Kuna is a great brand known for its high-quality products, amazing features, and enjoyable user experience.

The Kuna founders have illustrious technological backgrounds, so they are not just in the industry for the money, but they know how to offer users the very best. However, there are some important things you need to know before choosing this brand.

Kuna Smart Light With Camera Review

Important Kuna Smart Light Features

Kuna offers amazing home security products such as the Toucan surveillance kit and the new Maximus Answer doorbell.

And each product has its own amazing features. Now, let’s see some features you should expect on Kuna products.

  • The Kuna Maximus Camera Floodlight: This offers motion sensing up to 70 ft, 1080P HD resolution, zoom feature, and 2,400-Lumen floodlights. It equally works with Alexa, offers a Two-way walk feature, a 155-degree Field view, and weatherproof construction.
  • The Kuna Maximus Smart Security Lights: This product gives you that elegant, discreet, and amazing camera experience. This is one of the Company’s main products, and it offers the best camera experience without the ultra-bright floodlights. And it has impressive features such as smart lights control/settings, Bluetooth enabled, Two-way walk feature, and 1080P HD image quality. In addition to this, it is weatherproof build, connects to Wi-Fi, offers standard, craftsman, contemporary, and even traditional (Charles Dickens) style.

Kuna Smart Light With Camera Review (Pros and Cons)

Kuna smart security light, just like every other device, has its pros and cons, and you need to know about them.

The Pros

  • Attractive modern and Traditional designs
  • Easy DIY installations
  • Artificial Intelligence (A.I) Features
  •  Affordable monthly plans
  • Basic fetuses are free
  • It also has simple and straightforward options

The Cons

  • The AI is only available with a subscription. Without the premium subscription, you won’t get access to the A.I. You can just have access to standard features like two-way walk, smart detection, live-steaming video in HD, and 2-hour event look back.
  • It has limited smart home functionality
  • Limited Camera choices
  • The equipment is quite expensive
  • The prices of products are higher than other products in the market.

How to use Kuna Smart Light with Camera

Installing Kuna cameras and using the product is pretty easy-to-do. The product is delivered to you completely configured and ready to use.

All you have to do is download the Kuna app and follow the step-by-step instructions to show you how to mount your cameras and drill your exterior walls.

The installation and setup process is pretty easy to handle, but if you run into any issue, you can call the customer care hotline for assistance.

The smart security light and its camera are ultra-discreet, so the camera sitting in the smart light is not that obvious. And with the mobile app, you can receive a motion-activated alert on your mobile device. And you can view all that is happening around your home through the app. This tech product offers you amazing functionality and features, even though it has its downsides.

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