How to Link Your Instagram Posts to Your Facebook Account

Almost every application has a link with Facebook that enables users to connect their other accounts on their Facebook platform. Instagram and Facebook are now connected in such a way that you can sync your Instagram posts to your Facebook timeline.

The integration of these two platforms enables users to enjoy features of both apps, comment and like their friends’ IG posts on Facebook.

Linking your Instagram to Facebook creates a wide audience and more likes. Since Instagram is all about the likes linking your FB with Instagram can boost your IG page.

These days Facebook and Instagram go hand in hand, Facebook allows you to share images directly from your Instagram to your FB timeline through a photo-sharing app.

Posting from Instagram to Facebook can help your friends who are not on Instagram keep in touch with your IG posts on Facebook. FB saves your photo in your Instagram photo album. Complete details of your post are reflected on your Facebook timeline, your hashtags, emojis, and locations.

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How to Link Your Instagram Posts to Your Facebook

The process of linking your Facebook and Instagram is available on Android or iOS devices but not on a desktop. To link the two platforms simply:

  • Tap the three horizontal lines on your profile
  • Under the Privacy settings, scroll to LINKED ACCOUNTS and tap on it.
  • A list of social platforms that can integrate with Instagram will appear in the drop-down menu.
  • click on FACEBOOK
  • You will be required to sign in your Facebook account once redirected to the page using your login details.
  • Once you login you can select who can view your Instagram posts on FB. You can choose if it will be only you that can view it or the public.
  • You can choose from your posting option if you want to dual post your photos or videos. If you do not want to post on the two platforms at the same time, click NOT NOW
  • Once signed in you can do a dual-posting on both platforms. All you have to is tap OK and tap OPEN if prompted to do so. By clicking the Facebook button to blue, the post will be shared on Facebook.

Once the two accounts are linked you can follow your Facebook friends on IG. And post on Instagram and Facebook at the same and get your likes from both platforms. Your FB friends can view your Instagram posts and comment. This way you can keep in touch with friends from both platforms.

To Unlink the Accounts

  • Simply go to profile
  • Click settings
  • A list of options will show
  • Tap Facebook and Click unlink accounts. They will be no longer linked together.

To post on the two platforms at the same time:

  • Tap the icon below your app to create a post
  • You can select from your gallery or make a direct video
  • Apply filters or effects you want
  • Tap the switch next to Facebook, the blue color of the switch indicates that you can post on both platforms.
  • Then tap SHARE

By linking your Accounts to your Facebook friends on Instagram.

  • Simply go to your profile
  • Tap the settings icon
  • A drop down menu appears under the FOLLOW PEOPLE option, Tap FACEBOOK FRIENDS
  • Then tap OK to gain access to your Fb friends on Instagram.
  • You can now see your Fb friends on Instagram, click on FOLLOW next to a contact to follow them. Or you can click FOLLOW ALL to follow all contacts.

You can enjoy a whole lot of attention, views, and likes from followers on Instagram and friends on Facebook. It is quite easy and fun.

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