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Lorex has been in the Security Camera Receivers industry since 1991 and is considered one of the best home security camera system. Lorex has withstood the test of time, which makes it one of the best brands to go for when in need of a quality home security camera system.

With new DIY companies popping up these days, it is quite challenging to know which company to patronize. However, with Lorex’s 30 years’ experience, it stands out as one of the best.

Lorex’s long history in home security is not just what makes this camera system exceptional; there are also other perks to patronizing this brand.

Lorex 4K video resolution is crisp and clear during the day and night. And Lorex security cameras do not require monthly subscriptions to access advanced features. And its compatibility with HD video quality up to 4K is one of its outstanding features.

However, there are still some downsides to this fantastic camera system. Most users have complained about the app & software, its lack of professional monitoring options, and others.

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Review of Lorex 1080p Wire-Free Security Camera Receivers

This battery-powered security camera seems like the perfect option for people who want to monitor their home perimeter. It is easy to install; it comes with batteries for each camera, cables, and hardware to set up the system. In addition to these, it also comes with DVR, Cameras, and wireless receivers.

So check out some of its features and determine for yourself:

  • Lorex 1080p Wire-Free Security Camera Receivers are quite enjoyable; it is battery-powered and therefore eliminates the problem of adjusting power and video cables around the walls of your home. So, you don’t have to get tangled with many wires that make it hard to find placement options.
  • You don’t have to worry about the high cost of cloud subscriptions to store video clips. This camera system includes a high capacity (1TB) network DVR that can accommodate up to 6 cameras, making it easy for you to manage storage locally.
  • The DVR gives you easy smartphone access to both live and recorded video clips wherever you are.
  • This security camera system includes infrared night vision, Diurnal wire-free cameras, 1080P HD resolution, weatherproof IP66 rating, and two-way talk.
  • The rechargeable power-battery is easy to switch without having to take down your camera, and the video quality is crisp and clear both night and day.
  • You can also talk and listen to anyone in your property with ease and also enjoy other voice control features.

Even though the Lorex wire-free camera system is an amazing and convenient home security equipment; however, some users have complained about the slowness of the app, the image quality, and lack of intuition of the interface.

Lorex wire-free camera system only comes in 1080p image quality, so if you want a 4k image quality, you have to go for a wired option.


The Lorex 1080p Wire-Free Security Camera Receivers are convenient, easy-to-set-up, and include other perks that make it an amazing home security option.

But you also have to bear it in mind that it also has its downsides. So weigh your options carefully and determine if the Lorex IP camera is worth it for you.

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