Metakings Presale Metaverse | What is the Meta verse?

Metakings Presale Metaverse – Metakings has launched its world’s first action-based artificial intelligence (AI) metaverse game built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Metakings seem to be taking a forward step as they aim towards becoming the king of BSC games based on players’ daily, weekly, and monthly activities.

What is Metakings?

Metakings is an online action game that awards tokens and NFTs to users for their superb gameplay and contribution to the ecosystem. This fighting system is based on a famous game like PUBG featuring a unique combat system with many weapons.

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Artificial intelligence is highly used in this game to make it highly interactive and immersive. Players use $MTK when engaging in battles, acquire resources, and enhance their characters. The game also employed a metaverse that enables third-party developers to innovate tools and experiences based on the Metakings ecosystem. Again, the game has an internal NFT market for players who want to trade, acquire, or sell tokens. Every transaction done in the gaming metaverse is subjected to a 15% tax, an imposition by Metakings.

Metakings metaverse

What You Should Know About Metakings

Metakings has their own cryptocurrency, which is known as, $MTK. Players use this $MTK to build advanced technology, better characters, and venues. The currency is worth a total quantity of 1,000,000,000 $MTK tokens. The game would also include an internal NFT marketplace for players to buy, trade, and sell NFTs. Metakings would also place a levy of a 15% fee on every transaction. After six months, the taxes imposed on players will be repaid to them in the game.

A Play-to-Earn economy will be created on the Metakings universe’s concept so players can “play to earn.” This will use the BEP-20 tokens utilized for constructing virtual currency systems. Users could earn $MTK in Metakings by participating in a game-based activity, including an upload of user-generated content. This money can be redeemed in the Metakings marketplace.

Metakings Presale Metaverse

About Metakings Presale Metaverse

Metakings initiated an official airdrop program, where forty million MTK tokens will be distributed. The MTK token’s worth is $40 per token. To join the airdrop program, you are expected to complete five requirements. You could also tell your friends to participate in the Metakings presale metaverse by depositing BNB inside your Metakings wallet. Having many followers can eventually get  10% of the deposited BNB from this presale.

Metakings (MTK) as the moment ranked #7288 in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, having an increased value of 0.640000 percent in the last 24 hours to $0.762417. The market capitalization of $0 and is currently traded on 1exchange. This is why this year will be known as the Year of the Metakings! And a Measuring Years as well.

Presale/IDO Details

Amount Token: 100,000,000 $MTK – 20% of Total Supply

Softcap: 500 BNB

Hardcap: 2000 BNB

Max Spend Per Account = 20 BNB

IDO rate: 0.00002BNB/1MTK

Pancakeswap listing rate: 0.0002BNB/1MTK

Link for the Pre-sale:

Why Is Metakings So Special?

Metakings is a multiplayer online game that is completely free to play. The game features about 15000 unique characters, 35 battle arenas, 350 epic bosses, and a powered Unreal Engine. Four Players can engage in combat, acquire resources, and grow their characters in Metakings. Players can recruit in-game characters and could switch between different character classes. This provides players with some advantages. Players can use Metakings to enhance their character with new weapons and other equipment.

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This Metakings gaming environment is built on an AI-powered framework that requires players to create their own characters and fight in warfare. It also allows players to use their abilities to construct their own domains, develop or create new characters.

You earn prizes in Metakings by staking Metakes in other players’ accounts. You can also make a profit by marketing your own account or referring a friend. It’s simple to get rewarded when you play Metakings. You could play as a character, an avatar, or a team in the game. There is a reward for you when you engage and commit to this. The number of tokens you bet in the game will determine your prizes.

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