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Metaverse Wedding – The Covid-19 pandemic has brought technology into many ceremonies more than usual. For instance, some marriages have taken place on Zoom App, while some in-person ceremonies feature a livestream segment for guests who cannot be on the ground. Last year, the video of a couple whose wedding was staged in the cloud because their wedding was canceled due to the pandemic went viral. It was a non-legal ceremony within Animal Crossing, a popular video game.

It is crucial to note that any wedding ceremony in the metaverse is currently not legal. Virtual weddings that took place by videoconference, which was allowed in many states during the pandemic shutdowns, have been outlawed in New York State and other areas. Experts have noted that the metaverse will take these virtual celebrations much further and offer boundless possibilities to many couples.

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The company is investing a lot in the metaverse by creating a virtual version of real-world events spaces, such as the Plaza Hotel situated in New York. You may want to do something different in the metaverse; you only need to allow your creativity go wild. Whatever comes into your mind, ranging from Gift registries that feature NFTs, a destination wedding in space, or non-fungible tokens, just try it out.

About the First Metaverse Wedding

Dave, 60, and Traci, 52, are both employees at eXP Realty. This is one of the many companies that have hosted lots of virtual workplaces and also a group company of Virbela. They are a Florida-based couples who had met in a virtual space. They paid homage to their meeting place by organizing Labor Day’s wedding in the metaverse. The couple had first met as avatars at Dave’s “virtual office” in the metaverse (Fortune defined this term as “a merging of virtual, augmented, and physical reality”) in October 2015, Then Traci was considering joining the company while Dave was the head of growth in the company.

Metaverse Wedding

One week after the visual meeting, they met physically during the company’s global convention, and there they became friends. Started dating in March 2019. Three months later, they got engaged on September 4, 2021. They had a wedding in a virtual space in the sky to acknowledge their meeting in an online office. The team worked really hard to create images and details (floral most especially) from their physical wedding venue to metaverse ceremony. Again, the couple shared pictures of their guests, who were also transformed into avatars for this fantastic gig. These guests had control over their avatars during the wedding, and to them, it was an enjoyable experience.

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Traci had shared with an Insider that it was the CEO of the company she and Dave work in that suggested the idea of having a wedding “in the cloud”. The design of the visual venue was done by another branch owned by their employer charged with the responsibility of creating virtual spaces. They held a real-life wedding in the presence of one hundred guests in Manchester, New Hampshire, on the 4th of September. Invitations were sent out to guests they couldn’t accommodate in their physical venue to celebrate with them in the cloud. Traci had explained that both ceremonies happened simultaneously, with one wedding photographer recording their real-life wedding and another facilitating a livestream for the virtual guests.

Virbela, the company that created the visual space, gifted Traci and Dave the visual wedding experience. The estimated cost of creating a visual space for a wedding is over $30,000, and for less customization, it is created at $10,000. Traci and Dave’s marriage ceremony was the first hosted in the metaverse wedding. Traci had added that her family and friends enjoyed the experience too.

What does a metaverse wedding entail?

The success of the first Metaverse Wedding held in the cloud has sharpened the mindset of a lot of people into recognizing the rate at which technology is making a lot of things a lot easier for the world. People could still attend their favorite events even from the comfort of their homes.

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