Microsoft One Drive – Features of Microsoft Cloud Storage App

The Microsoft One drive is an online cloud storage platform. It is a Microsoft suite which allows Windows users to store files and personal data like pictures, videos, web page, etc. in the cloud. Formerly known as SkyDrive, the file-hosting service has gone through a drastic transformation. With one drive, you can now store, and share your files publicly or with a particular set of people. Windows 8.1 comes with OneDrive but it is also available as an app on Android, iOS, Xbox, Windows and Windows phones.

Microsoft One Drive synchronizes with other Microsoft suites like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote etc. You can also enjoy it on the web. With this app, you can upload documents or files you are working on, to your Microsoft drive account.

Features of Microsoft one drive app

The powerful features of this app help you stay organized. It helps you to keep your photos, files, and documents intact.

  • It gives you Real-time notifications letting you know when your document is edited.
  • Your pictures are saved automatically and are compiling into albums for easy sorting.
  • For iOS device users, PDF annotation gives you the aptness to draw, highlight, and sign in any PDF file in your Microsoft One drive.

Microsoft One drive

How to download one drive

To download this app on your device:

  • visit
  • Then on the dashboard of the page, click on Download.
  • You are now good to go.

The app is also available in Google play store

OneDrive personal vs OneDrive business

  • OneDrive personal- it is readily available on Windows Allows you to share and access your files on your Mac, Pc, Android, and iOS devices. It enhances your relationship with family, friends and loved ones.
  • OneDrive business- This helps you maintain a productive and ergonomic workplace. By using the OneDrive business, you can share and access all kinds of files and documents with your co-workers. This is very important for businesses, as it allows you protect relevant company data.

Advantages of using Microsoft OneDrive

Online cloud storage gives you the upper hand because it makes your work more efficient and productive. For a cloud storage that not only saves your photos, files, documents etc. and also synchronizes with all your devices, it really comes in handy. One drive helps you stay prolific and smart wherever you are. Furthermore, with an online storage as powerful and mobile as this, you have little or no need for storage devices.

How to use this app

The Microsoft cloud drive is a user-friendly online storage. It is simplistic and easy to use. You don’t require much of a guide to using this app. However, to use this app you have to:

  • Sign in to your Microsoft account. Create one here if you don’t have one.
  • After signing in, open the OneDrive cloud app and start storing and sharing your documents.
  • Also, use it on other Microsoft platforms like Microsoft word, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint etc. Once you open any of these suites, you will see a sign in call-to-action on the top right-hand corner of the current suite you are working on. Once signed in, you can sync it with any of your other devices.

Microsoft One drive

Who can use the Microsoft One Drive cloud storage App?

As an employer or employee, student, this app is for you. Because it’s a storage tool, it is not built for specific people. As a freelancer, you can use it to save your previous works and even work comfortably with your other devices at any point in time. Bloggers, you should have this app on the go also. Absolutely anybody can make use of the Microsoft cloud storage app.

More about OneDrive

This online storage app provides plans for its users. It has both a plan for personal and business one drive users. Each of these plans has different features. It is available freely as a basic package with 15GB worth of space. For premium subscribers, you can gain up to 1TB of storage and more, depending on your package. You also stand a chance of getting 3GB extra storage when you enable photo sync and for using the platform-specific Microsoft One drive mobile app.

How secure is one drive?

Microsoft Onedrive does not only store your files in the cloud but also protects them. It contains advanced encryption called per-file encryption. The technology behind this platform ensures your files are highly secured by encrypting it in the cloud storage. One drive keeps you covered at any point. Download this app today and start enjoying trustworthy backup and mobility. I just uploaded mine to the cloud.

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