Microsoft Outlook on the Apple Store

The Microsoft Outlook is a popular email service providers developed by Microsoft. It enables users to send and receive messages on their electronic devices.

The Outlook app is one of the best email clients for iOS devices. Microsoft has a wide range of features that make it really interesting to have and also provides important services to its users. You definitely want to be on the platform and we are here with a review.

Features of Outlook Mail

The app feature with the free outlook account include focused inbox, swipe to delete, powerful search, sharing capability, and other features.

  • It helps users sort between important or urgent messages from every other message. It presents only the most important emails to you this helps keep your inbox organized. The emails you see are emails from contacts you interact with frequently. The less important, bulk emails are labeled other.
  • You can swipe quickly to schedule, delete and archive a message.
  • You can share your meeting availability with just a tap and easily find time to meet with others.
  • Search experience enables you to find everything like files, contacts, upcoming tips, and others.
  • You can open and edit excel or other office documents directly in the apps and attach them back to an email.
  • You can view and attach a file from email, one drive, Dropbox and more without even having to download them to your phone.
Microsoft Outlook

How to Download Microsoft Outlook Mail For iOS

Downloading outlook for iPhone is free but requires 22.5MB space of your phone’s storage. Visit the App store and search for outlook mail, click on download and install it.

Outlook app is a built-in app on windows 10 phones. Once you download free Microsoft outlook apps for iOS, you’ll be able to log in your outlook account on your mobile device.

How to Sign Up For Outlook Mail

Signing up for your outlook mail is quite easy, and we are here to help you with the steps. Your Microsoft account credentials can be used for your email account. Your outlook account enables you to access calendar, tasks, and contacts with an internet connected device.

To sign up for outlook mail:

  • Visit the outlook web page to create an account
  • Enter your desired username.
  • lf you prefer hot mail, you can change the domain name at the right of the username.
  • Choose a password, enter and re-enter your preferred password
  • Enter your first and last names.
  • Then, choose your region in the field provided
  • Enter your birth date
  • A CAPTCHA image will appear on your screen; you will be required to enter the Characters you see.
  • Select NEXT
  • You can open your new account on the web.

How to Log In Your Outlook Mail

Once you have set up your outlook mail, you can easily access your account using your login details. To login simply:

  • Visit Microsoft outlook login page
  • Enter your Username or email address
  • Enter your password
  • And click the SIGN IN button to log in.

Or you can access it through your outlook app on your mobile device.

There you have it, your own outlook mail for interacting with friends and Family and for business transactions.

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