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Moke Electric CarThe classic Moke cars are being redesigned into Electric vehicles! It is being developed as a variant of the original Austin Mini and rebuilt for military use (it was specifically made to be easily dropped out of a plane during missions). But its sedan-like ground clearance, including lack of off-road ability, had cut off its military career, but it had not lost its usage as it became a sunny-weather runabout for yachting set and beachgoers. The original Moke had a life span that extended from 1964 right into the 1990s and was produced in about half a dozen different countries.

The latest model of Moke has been rebuilt to be a battery-powered, low-speed vehicle (LSV), although it’s available only in the US for now. The LSV classification entails that it is subject to different rules established in different states. In New York, it is typically legal to drive on the streets with a speed limit of 35 mph or less. There are no restrictions as regards a Moke car.

Moke Electric Car – Components of a Moke car

An amazing fact about this car is that it doesn’t jump off the lane the way most electric cars usually do. It’s generally fun to drive the Moke through traffic. Even with its inside rearview mirror, including the dual convex side-view mirrors, the whole vehicle is so open. This makes it a lot easier to regularly turn your head around to get a glimpse of your surroundings.


Again the high-back seats of the car are hard plastic; the steering wheel is located at a fixed, buslike angle, establishing an arms-out driving position. Having no doors in Moke cars makes hopping in and out very easy; all you need to do is use the wide sill for a step plate.

The dashboard has a wild optimistic 60-mph speedometer, an optional stereo head with a unit that accepts USB and Bluetooth inputs, and a battery-charge-level indicator. Between the seats is a simple console with one cupholder at the front, a handbrake, and a shift-lever.

Interestingly enough, the rear seats are roomy enough for a six-footer to sit behind a similar-sized driver comfortably. One could find a shallow cubby with a lockable plastic lid attached to it. Side curtains are available. A cord plugs into a standard 120-volt outlet, which recharges the four sealed lead-acid batteries for approximately eight hours. Moke Electric Cars claim a range of 40 miles, which is sufficient for a vehicle like this.

Moke Electric Cars are more fun-looking than a golf cart spiffed up mainly for resort duty. Even with a base entry point of $17,770 (with $395 for only the soft top, $595 for the top side curtains, $500 for its stereo, and $375 for its black wheels), its price is on par with other LSVs.

How much does a Moke Electric car cost

According to the Moke American official website, a Moke electric car’s cost starts at $20,975 and likely goes up to $33,000. Buyers can also get several custom add-ons that are compulsory. The company has a 1.5% shipping surcharge as the base price of this vehicle with a credit card charge of 4%. Sales tax is charged once delivery of the car is made, but this varies for other states. Again an additional registration fee for the EV is needed. This will be based on the requirements of the local or state governing authority.

Customers must pay a 50% deposit fee when placing their order based on the customization. The balance is expected to be paid during the scheduled delivery.

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