mSecure Password Manager App Review – It can be quite demanding to have all your passwords stored up in your head. It may be easy for some people to have all their passwords in their heads, but to some, it is really taxing to remember any password at all. If you are part of this category of people, you may probably be looking for the right password manager.

mSecure Password Manager App is definitely one of the best password managers that seamlessly works across all devices. The recent design makes the interface more intuitive and easy for you to navigate and organize your data. So, if you are on a hunt for the best password manager, then you need to check out this review.

Features & Utilities Of mSecure

mSecure is considered one of the best password managers because of its amazing features and utilities too. mSecure has all the necessary features you need from a password manager.

You can store as many entries as you want on this password manager, and you can even store much more than passwords. The entries support custom fields, and you can simply organize entries in a group using simple tags to separate them.

The password generator, however, was not so great to use. The password generator finds it difficult to create passwords in human-readable words, making it hard for you to memorize the passwords. So, if you can’t auto-fill passwords, you will find it difficult to type the passwords.

It is also important to note that you can’t access the password generator without creating an mSecure record.

Another unique mSecure feature is its cross-device syncing feature. Using mSecure cloud, Dropbox, or Wi-Fi, you can sync data across all your devices. The software also enables you to create encrypted backups of your data at any time, which can be synced across devices.

How to Setup mSecure

The process of setting up mSecure is quite easy and fast too. All that is required is your email and master password to launch the software for the first time.

You can then import records from the CSV file or import a backup database made by mSecure from another device.

It is important to know that mSecure can’t copy passwords from another password manager without storing the record first in an unsecured CSV file.

mSecure Interface and Performance 

The new mSecure design for desktop and mobile apps made the user interface look sleek and modern. Another notable thing added to mSecure is the auto-downloading of logos when you create accounts online.

It makes it easy for you to find entries for specific logins. So, you won’t find it difficult to find entries for Netflix logins, Amazon, and other platforms. You can also securely categorize passwords into groups; however, mSecure has not provided a way to share passwords securely.

mSecure Security

mSecure offers different ways to ensure that your passwords do no get compromised. It enables you to create an inactivity time, which will automatically log out. And it also enables you to self-destruct setting after several failed login attempts.

mSecure also offers excellent customer support service through email. You can send them an email and get a quick reply if you are having any issues with the platform.

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