New Dell XPS 13 Laptop Series | Dell XPS 13 Review | XPS 13 Specs

New Dell XPS 13 Laptop Series – With the 10th generation Intel Core mobile processors, it’s now possible to enjoy incredibly immersive entertainment on a remarkable thin and lightweight laptop called Dell XPS 13.

Dell’s new XPS 13 is the latest multitasking gadget for browsing the web, getting work done, and doing some light gaming. It uses an adaptive performance based on the latest Intel dynamic tuning technology.

The new predictive and adaptive engine of Dell’s new XPS 13 is actively changing in the power of its processors to help optimize your workloads, increasing your work performance. If there’s one thing about Dell – then it is their ability to make innovations that change what users expect out of a laptop.

Dell figures out what needs to be fixed and address issues without breaking anything else along the way

New Dell XPS 13 Laptop Series

Dell XPS 13 Laptop review

The new Dell XPS 13 features a twin coil hinge that makes the laptop easy to open with just one hand while avoiding any unsightly bulk near the bottom of the display. Here’s a review of the Dell’s new XPS 13 features;

  • RAM – 16GB.
  • Weight – 2.8Ibs.
  • Storage – 512 GB.
  • Wi-Fi – Wi-Fi 6.
  • Thickness – 0.58 inch.
  • Battery – 52wh.
  • Display – 13.4-inch touch screen.
  • Camera – 720p.
  • Processor – 10tg Gen Intel core i7-1065G7.

Dell’s New XPS 13 Ports

The latest Dell XPS 13 has lean ports where you can connect tons of accessories at once. The laptop packs two thunderbolt, three USB-C ports for charging and connecting to USB-c accessories, beyond that you get a micro SD reader and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Dell includes q USB-c to USB-A ports, which is useful for folks who need to connect peripherals. But if you’re looking to connect a variety of external add-ons to the XPS 13, you may have to spring for a USB dock.

It has an engrossing screen to body ratio of about 91.5%. Watching movies and TV shows on the new Dell XPS 13 make for a truly great entertainment with its screen colors and details.

XPS 13 touchpad is 17% larger than that of last year’s model. This makes it easy to scroll up and down Google docs or pinch to zoom in to web pages. The XPS 13 touchscreen was handy for quick hopping between chat conversations and chrome tabs.

XPS 13 battery

The latest version of Dell’s laptop lasts about 13hours on a web-surfing battery test. This makes it one of the longest-lasting laptops around, it also tops the MacBook Air 2020 and just a bit better than the HP elite laptop. Dell’s latest laptop has excellent battery life.

In conclusion,the New Dell XPS 13 Laptop Series is a set of excellent gadgets for personal use.

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