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Old Christmas Movies – Christmas is around the corner, and it’s that time of the year to wear matching socks and spend quality time with your family members. There are lots of amazing Christmas movies available. If you are a lover of Christmas movies, then you need to check out this list of old Christmas movies.  

These movies can take you back to your childhood, starting from Home Alone, Miracle On 34th Street, and others. Let’s look at some of the best unforgettable Christmas movies.

Old Classic Christmas Movies

Old Classic Christmas Movies 

  • MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET: This is one of the most unforgettable Christmas stories. It tells the story of a six-year-old girl who finds it hard to believe in Santa Claus due to her mother’s influence. Her mother finds a man to pose as Santa Claus for her daughter. His assertions lead to a lawsuit, and a young lawyer, the young girl, and her mother have to come to his defense. 
  • THE PREACHER’S WIFE: “The Preacher’s Wife” is a family-themed romantic fantasy. It tells the story of a cleric who was visited by an angel because he was doubting himself. However, the angel is distracted by the pastor’s wife instead of lending a helping hand to the pastor going through a mid-life crisis. 
  • KRAMPUS: Krampus is a holiday horror Christmas movie about a dysfunctional family and their son who stops believing in Christmas. The family gets a visit by Krampus instead of Santa Claus, and a whole lot of horrific events unfold. This is not the usual Christmas story, but it is definitely one of the best Christmas movies
  • THE CHRISTMAS CHRONICLES: This is another Christmas movie that is just perfect for the season, and this movie can help put you in the mood for Christmas. The movie tells the story of two siblings who try to capture Santa Claus, but the plan fails. So, the kids have to join forces with Saint Nick and his elves to save the holiday. 
  • MICKEY’S CHRISTMAS CAROL: This is another unforgettable Christmas movie. It retells the classic Dicken’s tale and features Disney’s classic characters.
  • THE NIGHT BEFORE: “The Night Before” is definitely one of the best Christmas comedies. It is definitely worth adding to the list of movies for this Christmas. It tells a story of three friends and their determination to celebrate the holiday in the most memorable way. The movie is comic, interesting, and also one of the best Christmas movies you should see. 
  • HOME ALONE: “Home Alone” is one of the most unforgettable Christmas movies. It is about a young boy who is forgotten at home while his family embarks on a family trip. While alone, he finds out that two men are trying to rob his family’s house, and he has to do whatever he can to protect his family. This movie is an amazing movie to watch with your loved ones and family members.


You can also check out awesome Christmas movies like “Frosty, The Snowman,” “Best Man Holiday,” “Scrooged”. “The Santa Clause,” and others to enjoy an amazing Christmas holiday with your family.

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