Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Review

Well, Director James Gunn has served us a follow up to the first volume. Guardians of The Galaxy 2 that didn’t quite meet our expectations. It is believed that every superhero team-up is always successful. Because of the combination of supernatural characters and their powers but lately, you’ll see that it is not exactly true. … Read more

The Stephen king Dark Tower Movie Review

Honestly, I’m a big fan of Idris Elba and Matthew McCaughey. They’re both amazing actors. But as long as the Dark Tower movie is concerned, it is a no from me. This film by Sony was adapted from a Stephen King novel that we had all been waiting to see for quite a while. With … Read more

How to Contact Facebook Support – Facebook Support | Facebook Customer Service

Facebook Support is the means by which Facebook helps their customers with issues arising as they make use of the service every day. Some individuals know it as Facebook Support while and some Facebook Customer Services or even Help Center. This is an easy way to receive answers to your Facebook-related problems. It can be … Read more


A dog's purpose

A dog’s purpose is an unpredictable, mushier than anticlimactic, and full of small errors film that takes an unexpected twist, but it still features one of the best man-canine drama. Released in the US, on January 27th, 2017; A dog’s purpose has an unexpectedly poignant story to go with. It’s a heartwarming, emotional and surprising … Read more

Facebook Internship: How to Get Facebook Internship

Facebook Internship

Getting an internship at Facebook can best be described as pretty cool. There are simply no other words to describe landing one of the best or the best internship opportunity in the world. A Facebook internship can be the launch of a great career in tech as Facebook has a reputation for having one of … Read more