Vimeo Video App – Vimeo | How Vimeo Works

Vimeo is a social platform that allows users to upload videos while providing seamless tools with which they can share these videos. With the Vimeo app, you can also discover other videos on the internet. The Vimeo video app is fun to use and very entertaining although it’s advisable for parents to censor it for … Read more

Cloud Computing services and their advantages

Cloud computing is the process of storing data and programs and accessing them primarily over the Internet. This totally means having the contents (work-related, social related, sensitive and non-sensitive) of your hard drive on the internet for ease of access. This service brings all computing services ranging from servers, storage, databases, network, software, business analytics, … Read more

Microsoft Power BI – The Microsoft Power BI desktop Tool

The urgent need by various organizations for data collection, analysis, presentation and dissemination of business information gave rise to Microsoft’s Power BI suite. The Microsoft Power BI tool provides organizations with interactive visualizations which has business intelligence capabilities. This tool helps decision-makers and businesses thrive. It also enables them to create business reports on their … Read more

Ransomware WannaCry – How to Prevent Ransomware Virus Attacks

The latest ransomware virus attack is an eye-opener. The WannaCry virus which attacked workstations in networks of over 150 countries is so far one of the most devastating cyber-attack in history. The WannaCry virus disguised as a phishing attachment in an email caused a widespread disaster for lots of organizations. With major heavyweights firms like … Read more

Ethereum – Ethereum Blockchain and the Ethereum Smart Wallet


Ethereum is an open source software platform that uses the bitcoin technology to allow developers build decentralized apps. Most people know blockchain to be a cryptocurrency wallet because of its association to bitcoin. The technology behind blockchain goes beyond just digital currencies. As a matter of fact, bitcoin is just one of the several applications … Read more