VPN Online – Best VPN Online Service Providers of 2018

vpn online

VPN is certainly one of those tech terms you hear a lot when you are around techies. VPN stands for “virtual private networking”, it is a security mechanism on the internet for both public and private networks used to securely send and receive data. Theoretically, all the traffic that passes through a VPN Online connection … Read more

Tidal Music Streaming Service | Tidal Subscription

Tidal music is a music service that enables musical streaming through a required subscription plan. It was originally created in Scandinavia as WIMP and it was under the technology firm called Asparo in 2009. However, this music service ownership has changed since then. Tidal music service operates on a two-tier system. This allows its service … Read more

The Top Gaming Laptops 2021 | Best Gaming Laptops

Top Gaming Laptops 2021 – In recent years, the gaming industry has seen a rapid increase in its customer base. This, in turn, has increased the demand for portable computer systems that provide the best possible gaming experience. Determining the best gaming laptops becomes a big task. If you’re a gaming nerd, then you know … Read more

The innovation behind Apple’s iPhone X

iphone x

Apple iPhone X Tech Specs: The innovation behind Apple’s iPhone X came with lots of firsts for the tech giant. “Say hello to the future” was the tagline used by Apple to introduce its fans to the new device and it’s fair to say, we’re in a new era. The iPhone X represents a huge … Read more

Screen Recording Software – How to Record your PC’S Screen

Screen Recording Software

Need to capture that live video on Instagram before it ends? Need a way to physically teach that student online how to use Excel? Trying to record a live stream on a website for someone who can’t watch it with you? Screen Recording Software is your best bet. This is the digital recording of your … Read more