Pinterest Affiliate Marketing | Pinterest Ads | How Do Affiliates Make Money on Pinterest

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing – Pinterest mostly acts as a search engine where users visit to find images, topics, and ideas that interest them. Internet users are always in search of where to get certain crafts, products & ideas, and Pinterest provides those answers to such search.

This makes Pinterest a good platform for online marketing; you can post affiliate products on the pinterest platform for users to discover.

Pinterest has millions of users visiting the platform to find items of interest, and you can leverage on this to market affiliate products. Lots of business owners & bloggers are using Pinterest to drive up traffic on their sites and promote sales of their products.

A good percentage of users who visit Pinterest have it in mind to purchase items they discover; this makes a very important platform for affiliate marketing.

You may be wondering how you can go about marketing affiliate products on Pinterest, well we have got your back on that.

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing

How to Do Pinterest Affiliate Marketing

When it comes to affiliate marketing, Pinterest is definitely one platform to consider. And you can start making money by advertising other company’s products on board for users to discover.

  • Once you are already used to how Pinterest works, it becomes rather easy to advertise affiliate products on the platform.
  • Join a good affiliate marketing network like ShareASale, Amazon, and others. Once you register with them, you can start marketing.
  • You have research on what your readers would love to help you decide what kind of affiliate products you want to market to them.
  • Create a specific board for affiliate products and add good descriptions of such products for users to see and purchase.
  • Make good use of your pins, when you are adding pins on your board ensure you add snapshots of affiliate products with the necessary info about the product. Make sure to include affiliate links on your pins; you can also use text overlays to convey links to customers for easy clicks and visiting of affiliate platforms.
  • Make use of relevant keywords and hashtags when marketing products. This will make your contents rank high on Pinterest searches, and they can be easily clicked on by users.
  • You have to ensure that the products or ideas you are marketing fall in line with the kind of products that sell on Pinterest. If this is not the case, it might be difficult to market such products on Pinterest.


Take advantage of this awesome platform to make money from Pinterest Affiliate Marketing. People who visit this platform often have it in mind to purchase items they search for; this makes Pinterest an excellent platform for Affiliate marketing.

You can also drive up traffic on your blog by posting such links on Pinterest; you shouldn’t miss out on this great opportunity.

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